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Evidence for the Resurrection

No description

Sophie Petterson

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of Evidence for the Resurrection

1) Jesus didn't die
= Swoon

2) Jesus died but did not rise again / apostles deceived
= Hallucination

3) Jesus died but did not rise again / apostles deceivers
= Conspiracy

4) Jesus died and rose three days later
= Christianity

Four Theories
Hallucination Theory
The disciples experienced a hallucination. It’s argued that they saw what they wanted to see, and out of wishful thinking, they believed they saw something that they told others was the resurrected Jesus.
Conspiracy Theory
Jesus' resurrection was a fraud, a scheme cooked up by his disciples. After his death and entombment, his followers came by night and stole the body and spread the lie that he'd been resurrected.
Swoon Theory
This theory states that Jesus did not die but rather merely fell into a comatose state to reawaken three days later in the coolness of the tomb and then role away the stone and overpower the guards posted next to his tomb.
Sophie Petterson 10E
Evidence for the Resurrection
Flaws in this theory:
That Jesus dies, was buried and three days later rose again
Facts #2:
Jesus was buried and a stone was rolled in front of the tomb
Facts #1:
It would be impossible for Jesus to survive the crucifixion
Facts #3:
He was left in the tomb for three days
Jesus could not have survive
Jesus could not have survived a Roman Crucifixion
Jesus could not have survived the Roman crucifixion
The Roman soldier was so sure that Jesus was dead he did not break his legs
(Jn 19:31-33)
Blood and water was seen leaving Jesus' pierced side
Jn 19:34-35
how could Jesus then move away the heavy stone and defeat armed guards?
the disciples reaction
too many witnesses. mass hallucination?
(1 Cor 15:3-8)
Hallucinations usually last a few seconds or minutes; not forty days (Acts 1:3)
Jesus was a physical being that the disciples touched
unless a mental disorder is present, hallucinations cannot communicate profound, extended conversations.
Body still missing from tomb
Disciples willingly died and persecuted for faith in that Jesus rose again
Sudden change in character of Disciples (from scared/denial to actively preaching gospel)
no motive or outcome for telling lie
still dilemma of missing body and no one being able to produce it
would not have got away with telling lie in Jerusalem (same time/place, full of eyewitnesses)
Facts #4:
the tomb was empty, seal broken, stone rolled away and guards defeated
Facts #5:
historical accounts of eyewitnesses who saw Jesus
Facts #6:
these accounts say that they touched his crucifixion wounds, he ate food and conversed with them
Facts #7:
the disciples were radically and fundamentally changed
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