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GTS Newsletter - September 2015

Welcome to your third installment of the GTS Newsletter!

Sophie Morris

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of GTS Newsletter - September 2015

Success Stories!
Sabina Jaeschke had 3 of her tenders won within her first 4 periods of being a Bid Writer. Also on a personal not she completed Tough Mudder last Sunday in 3 hours and 21 minutes! Amazing Sabina!

Tomi Opanui passed probation at the earliest time possible after her sixth targeted period! Congrats!

Kanwar Kohli managed the recruitment of 54 new co-members for REED Education against a very ambitious target of 51 including 10 new Business Managers, within 12 weeks from starting his second placement. Amazing Kanwar congrats!

Jonathan Campbell won the early star award for his work in the IT Projects Team in Raynes Park! Well done!

Daniel Smith in his first two periods has achieved over 300% of his target. (311% in my first period and 371% in my second.) Amazing!

Ryan Dalton began as a Resourcer and has now been promoted to Consultant after only four periods. Yeyy!

Sophie Morris was presented a bouquet of flowers and received 2 impressions from her group after delivering her first induction course!

Congrats Jadie Hodgson, John Ralls, Karina Stanley, Chris Browning and Callum McKenna who made Senior Consultant in the last 3 months!

Congrats to Pete Cooper who has recently got engaged as well as implementing an initiative saving the company £16k!
GTS League Tables

Katie Smith, GTS Manager - 19229
Jadie Hodgson, GTS Coordinator - 19376
GTS Newsletter
September 2015

Welcome to our New Starters - September 2015!
Top June Intake - Year to Date
Top 10 Year to Date
GTS Committee
Sandy Purewal - President - 020 7067 4582
Sophie Morris - Head of Communications - 10334
Ella Pardoe - Head of Socials - 20059
Professional Qualifications
Dates for your Diary!

1 - Ihtesham Afzal - £51,993 - Intake Sept 14
2 - Callum McKenna - £45,403 - Intake June 14
3 - Jadie Hodgson - £39,379 - Intake Sept 14
4 - Larisa Raicov - £38,631 - Intake June 14
5 - John Ralls - £38,433 - Intake Jan 15
6 - Ana Karnesova - £38,020 - Intake Sept 14
7 - Karina Stanley - £34,624 - Intake Sept 14
8 - Tomilola Opanubi - £31,752 - Intake Jan 15
9 - Katherine Chin - £28,494 - Intake Sept 14
10 - Paul Clements - £26,954 - Intake Jan 15
1 - Callum McKenna - £45,403
2 - Larisa Raicov - £38,631
3 - Andy Calvert - £7,774
Top September Intake - Year to Date
Hannah Slade -

Sandy Purewal -
Squared Online Certificate

Courtney Williams -
HBX Core Pre-MBA course with Harvard

Naomi Austin -
HBX Core Pre-MBA course with Harvard

Sophie Morris -
LPI - Certified Online Learning Facilitator
Our exciting new blog is now live! It is full of interesting articles from us grads about the GTS, working abroad, qualifications as well as the winning blog competition entry from Liam Hollinshead! To view these simply go to
Should you be a budding writer or simply want to get involved please contact Sandy Purewal for advice and to get you published!

Refer a Friend
If you know anyone who is looking for a graduate role refer them to us and you could earn up to
for each person that starts! They must have at least a 2:1 undergrad degree; 300 UCAS points and be geographically flexible. Please send their CV to reed.graduate@reedglobal.com to refer them to the scheme!
Should you have any suggestions for the GTS then do get in touch! Thanks to committee members Max Dickson, Sabina Jaeschke, Kanwar Kohli and John Haggart for their input into the newsletter!
Welcome to the second GTS Newsletter of the year! It's filled with your amazing success stories, a big hello and welcome to our new starters, league tables, dates for your diary and more! Hope you enjoy and should you have any ideas, feedback or success stories don't hesitate to get in touch!

Best Wishes,
Sophie Morris; Head of Communications
September Rotations!

Daniel Chambers - Business Analyst Project Manager
Jadie Hodgson - GTS Coordinator
Max Dickson - Research Associate/Writing Associate
Naomi Austin - Product Manager - Perms
Balbina Wong, Nayab Zamir, Ihtesham Afzal - Product Team Assistant
Harry Mann, Dharsika Ambalavanar - Sales Executive
Gemma Young, Jon Campell - XMS - Business Analyst
Katherine Chin - Jon Brooks Project Role
Joshua Ridge - NHS Development Project Manager
Tom Roebuck - Permanents Consultant

1 - Ihtesham Afzal - £51,993
2 - Jadie Hodgson - £39,379
3 - Ana Karnesova - £38,020
1 - Daniel Smith - £4,678
2 - Jessica Griffith - £1,690

Top January Intake - Year to Date
1 - Chris Browning - £25,820

1 - John Ralls - £38,433
2 - Tomilola Opanubi - £31,752
3 - Paul Clements - £26,954
Oct 23rd 2015 -
January Appraisals due!

Feb 4th 2016 -
January 2013 intake Graduate!
Next Social - October 23rd!
1 - Suzy Crossley - £17,500
2 - Aidan Willis - £17,426
3 - Imran Ahmed - £8,623
Congratulations and we wish you the best in your new roles!
The social will be held in Zebranos - Carnaby Street in London this coming Friday!

You have your own area booked out from 6pm; happy hour til 8pm and they've even thrown in free drinks!

Contact Ella Pardoe for more details and don't miss out!!
Anthony Kydoniefs
Charles Williams
Conor Taylor
Daniel Smith
Denisa Pritzova
Heather Jephcote
Imogen Burgess
Jack Backler
Jake Bloomfield
Jessica Griffith
Jonathan Scurr
Katie Prout

Lauren Stockbridge
Louise Slevin
Luke Anton
Matthew Doughty
Nazish Baig
Nicholas Morgan
Patrick Brophy
Patrycja Jastrzebska
Richard Paxton
Robert Stapel
Stephen Dilley

GTS Buddy Scheme!
Would you like to help new GTS co-members settle into their roles and share your experiences?
Are you new to the GTS and would like a buddy as a bit of extra support?

If so contact Katie or Jadie for more info!
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