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My Plans For Summer Vacation

No description

austin albright

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of My Plans For Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation 1. My most important plan that I've got scheduled for my summer is soccer conditioning. Soccer tryouts are throughout the summer and I plan on going to all the open practices. 2. The second plan that I have and just as important is to drink as much Monster as physically possible. I understand you may think this is unhealthy but my body has built up a tolerance to it and can handle the massive intake of caffine. 3. My third thing and probably most favored thing is just chilling with my friends. We all will just probably have little parties, go to the pool, and just chill around town 4. My fourth and probably most hated is reading. We have to read books for English class and if we don't read them you'll fail the major test they give you. It stinks because we don't get to pick what we want to read we have to pick from a list of boring books. Summer Plans Review
Play soccer
Drink Monster
hang with friends
Read : (
Have fun
5. My fifth is just basically to have fun. I'd like this to me a fun summer because next summer I'll have to work a lot so I'd like to enjoy my last summer. either way I'm pretty sure I'll have a cool summer.
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