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By: Gianna

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of By: Gianna

The leprechaun story
By: Gianna
kind,generes,qute and polite
One ST.patricks Day I was playing with my ball in a humungus field. I heard a swoosh from the bushes.I crept slowly to the bushes. There was a little green creature. It was a leprechaun! He bellowed ''HANDS OFF MY GOLD''! I said ''I dont' want your gold''. I picked up his tiny body and asked him ''what do you want to do want to do ?" " and by the way whats your name"? He ansered "my name is mac." "I want to play freze tag and eat my f-a-v-o-r-a-t-e cearal lucky charms". I said "ok". Then it started to rain. We went inside and ate Lucky Charms.
In the afternoon we played his favorite game mindcraft xbox. Then we read until the rain stopped. Then the rain stopped and we rushed out the door and played tag. It got dark so we decided to go inside. Then we heard a loud WOOF!WOOF! Mac shouted"Its' a dog he smells us!" We ran in the house quickly.
I asked my mom if we could have fish and carrots. "You don't like carrots." "Its' st. Patrick's Day I want to try something new".I said. I used a soda cap to put Mac's food on. He gobbled down the carrots. "They were good" Mac said.Then we went up stairs and went to bed.Mac slept in my baseball sock . "Good night Mac" I said. The next morning Mac had to leave "
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