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Current Events Fan Sleeps During Baseball Game

No description

gabby mendez

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Current Events Fan Sleeps During Baseball Game

Man Caught Sleeping During Baseball Game Sues for $10 Million
However according to a video clip on Major League Baseball’s website the comments are actually pretty gentle.
In fact when you enter any sporting venue your rights to sue can be waived.
Rector isn't the only one caught during an embarrassing moment ! It is harmless fun, people coming to these games know what to expect.
Fan Sues After Untimely Nap Brings Unwanted Attention
A Yankees fan who was caught sleeping through a recent game against the Boston Red Sox is suing after two announcers poked fun at his slumber on camera.
It was in fact the YouTube commenters who lived up to their reputation and posted nasty remarks. Saying things like

" You'd fall asleep too if you had 12 hot dogs and a diet coke."

"fun fact for u he takes up 2 seats."

"You must be a special kind of stupid. Now sue me."

"yep that guy is insulting the players, the teams, the league, and the sport!"
The fan, Andrew R. Rector, claimed in his suit that ESPN’s announcers, Dan Shulman and John Kruk, “unleashed an avalanche of disparaging words” about him, suggesting he was overweight and stupid.
Rector accuses the announcers of painting an inaccurate portrait of him, calling him names like "fat cow, stupid and an embarrassment".
The television cameras at baseball games often catch fans in embarrassing moments, and good sports announcers are known for poking gentle fun at spectators when the action on the diamond slows down.

But one Yankees fan who was filmed as he slept soundly through a game between the Yankees and the Red Sox has sued Major League Baseball, the Yankees and ESPN, saying "the announcers’ commentary and the images of him asleep have damaged his reputation".
I do not believe this lawsuit has any validity whatsoever. People come to these baseball games to have fun and enjoy the sport. Sports announcers were just having some harmless fun and were only trying to keep the crowd entertained. They said nothing mean or hurtful. Baseball games are know for catching fans during embarrassing moments so suing for this is just ridiculous but suing for $ 10 million now that just crazy !
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