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Gender In International Politics

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Sara Al fardan

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Gender In International Politics

How does the concept of Gender help us understand International Politics?
Alex Brammer
Habib Yaya
Leo Morris
Sara Al-Fardan
Xiangen Huang

-"international politics is such a thoroughly masculinized sphere of activity that women's voice are considered inauthentic" (Tickner)

-Male dominated Policy Issues -> Masculine Analysis

-"Manly" Characteristics valued; reinforces masculine dominance of IR

-Hegemonic Masculinity -> Myth

-Women are the "other"; Androcentrism

-Nonwhites and tropical countries: depicted as irrational, emotional, unstable (all attributed also to women)

-Men's lived experiences -> drive policy discussions -> miss out on broad swath of alternatives that could cause a paradigm shift

Gender in IR Intro
American Exceptionalism
Sheikha Moza bint Nasser is the first active female leader in Qatar
Representation of Gender roles in Qatar
First Female Ambassador
World Cup 2022 { clash with local religious agenda and assertion of cultural identities usually comes at the expense of women}

Gender and Politics in QATAR
Gender, the UK and the EU
Contributions of Gender in IP
Concept of Gender
Biological Difference : Male/Female
Man/Woman: Social Constructs {redefined characteristics associated with masculinity and femininity}
There is no universal Definition
Androcentrism {t
he practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing male human beings or the masculine point of view at the center of one's view of the world and its culture and history}
Women as leaders {Joyce Carbonell}
Glass Ceiling, Double Bind { Eagly and Carli}
Grace Patricia Kelly
provided housing
medical care
financial aid
Drew attention to gender hierarchies that priveledges men's knowledge and men's experiences in order to help bring in women's knowledge and experiences to build a comprehensive account of IP
It introduces a bottom-up approach i.e, starting from the lives of the people who are in the margins;rather than the top-bottom approach
It leads to consideration of marginalized issues (low politics)
Women's Contribution in IP and lived experiences were highlighted e.g the work of diplomatic wives, military prositutes
Redefinition of Power: 'Power with' not 'Power Over'
Edward-Women altering Global Politics by creating new spaces for engagement in Conflict Resolution and Development Processes
What is the solution?Changing discourse and thinking or changing the practice of policy?
Are they Linked ?
" Strong and robust tendency for leadership to be viewed as culturally masculine" (Koenig et al. 2011)
Gender lens demonstrates presence of political discourse and androcentrism
Leadership skews aspects of EU membership negatively
EU as "the other": a perceived threat to structure and traditional nation-state boundaries
What do you think?
Top 10 women in the United Nations control key portfolios addressing international development politics and discourses:
Valerie Amos- UNSG-Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief
Phumzle Mlambo Ngcuka- UNSG- Gender equality & Empowerment of Women
Judy Cheng Hopkins- Asssistan SG-Peace Building Support
Helen Clark- UNDP Administrator
Radhika Coomaraswamy- Special Representative & UNSG for Children and Armed Conflict
Josette Sheeran- Executive Director of the World Food Program

Women leaders increasing in Latin America and in Africa:
Catherine Samba Panza in Central Africa Republic,
Dima Rouseff- Brazil,
Christine Fernandez de Kirchner-Argentina
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