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The Gospel of Luke

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Jaron Sowter

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke
An outline of how the message of the Gospel of Luke applies to your life
How do the themes in Luke's Gospel create a message?
What are the themes?

The predominant theme in the book of Luke is the perfect humanity of Jesus Christ. The Savior entered human history as the perfect man. He himself offered the perfect sacrifice for sin, therefore, providing the perfect Savior for humankind.

Other themes in the Gospel of Luke include:

-Jesus as a person of prayer
-Jesus responds to the Spirit of God in everything he does and says.
-The reign of God is for everyone, especially the poor, oppressed and outcast.
-Jesus avoided social hierarchy of the time by standing up and reading a passage at mosque at a young age, caring for the poor, women and the sick.
What Are The Gospels?
How do they create a message?

The themes of Luke's Gospel create a strong message of Jesus is willing to help anyone in need of help. This includes the sick the poor the elderly and the impaired. Luke also used other Gospels as a reference to his own, in particular the Gospel of Mark.
The Gospels are an examination of teachings that the Lord wrote to increase the faith of readers.

The Gospels (Matthew, Mark Luke and John) chose special material for the different audiences in different periods of time which explain their differences.

The symbol of Luke
An example from the modern world showing the Gospel of Luke's message at work in the world today
Luke 10: 25-37 - The Good Samaritan

This Gospel Parable has inspired many people of today's society to be a better person and help those in need when others don't.

Christians were inspired by this parable and they went on to create charities such as Caritas, Baptist World Aid and The Salvation Army.

These charities work to help those people who are less fortunate and help spread christian love.

"But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him."

Just because it may be 'uncool' to sit with someone doesn't mean it is wrong.
The main message of Luke is that Jesus the Messiah came to save all people whether Jew or Gentile, rich or poor, sick or well.

This message applies to my life by me not discriminating against someone or alienating because they believe in another religion, what they own, a disability whether it be mental or physical.
Describe the importance of the Gospel of Luke for Christians
Eli is a dick
Luke gives special emphasis to issues of social injustices, especially to the treatment and condition of the poor and other social outcasts (women and children), as well as to the proper use of wealth.
This can be used as a guideline on how to live your life and spread the Christian message of love and compassion.

As all the other Gospels do, it sheds light into Jesus' upbringing and adult life, the miracles and amazing things he did the bend the rules of society, as well as his death and resurrection.
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