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My Name is Nigel Stirzaker I am a..........

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Nigel Stirzaker

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of My Name is Nigel Stirzaker I am a..........

My Name is Nigel Stirzaker I am a..........
But what is an engineer and what do they do?
But the best thing is.....
you don't have to be an adult to learn to code. You can learn to code today!
Disney's Apollo Website
Software Engineer and I work for.......
Everyday (Hidden) Engineering
How to write on a crisp packet
But that's BORING
Lets have some fun with code
But I'm not a Crisps Packet Engineer, I'm a "software" engineer. So what is software?
Software (or Code as its often known) are the instructions that we give computers so that they "do things"
Once you've learnt to Code you can learn to write your own games
An Engineer is someone who uses knowledge, skills and experience to create original and inventive solutions to problems. Sometimes really big problems;
Build a space ship
1) This space ship must have no pilot.
2) It must travel 100 billion miles through freezing airless space for 12 years.
3) It must then catch up with a 4 km wide piece of rock traveling over 210,000 miles per hour
4) And it must place a robot on the rock the surface of which you've never seen
Those things are the games you play on your consoles, the apps on your tablet, the websites you use. There is also software you don't see. Your school uniforms were made by machines. Those machine are run using software.
This is what I do...............

or solve the worlds problems
There are many different types of problems and therefore there are many different types of engineers
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