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Still Uninsured after the Affordable Care Act

Addressing the Health Needs of the Immigrant Latino Community in California

Nadia Rojas

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Still Uninsured after the Affordable Care Act

“Public health refers to all organized measures (whether public or private) to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a
--World Health Organization

Still Uninsured After the ACA
Addressing the Health Needs of the Immigrant Latino Community in California
Nadia Rojas, MPH Candidate
Dream Summer National Program
UCLA Dream Resource Center
In conjunction with

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Authored an Op-Ed that discusses the impact of the immigration system on mental health of citizen and non-citizen children
Developed a presentation that discusses the impact of the ACA on Latinos
Healthy California Survey Project
Participants who were not in college as adults did not have health insurance
Many experience some degree of difficulty within the health care system
Families of the participants largely lacked health insurance
Current government law
undocumented immigrants from coverage by Medicare and Medicaid while the ACA has wording that specifically excludes the undocumented from purchasing health insurance on the insurance exchanges to be established in 2014.
Source: Jerome-D'Emilia, B. and P. D. Suplee (2012). "The ACA and the Undocumented." AJN The American Journal of Nursing 112(4): 21-27
Left Out of the Affordable Care Act

Source: Buettgens, M. and M. Hall (2011). "Who will be uninsured after health insurance reform." Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Source: Garg M. It Pays to Provide Health Care: A Case for Including Undocumented Immigrants. Kennedy School Review. 2009;10:25-28.
Public Health Impact
These services include preventative services that affect the public at large
Dream Summer National Program
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Advance LCHC's content knowledge on ACA & Immigration as well as the impact of immigration on mental health
Increase awareness of the barriers undocumented people face within the health care system in California in hopes of influencing policy change.
Participate in a intern-led survey research project that seeks to determine the health needs of undocumented youth within California.
The Op-Ed, the presentation, and the survey results highlight the need of health care access in the undocumented population in California
More research needs to be done on the undocumented population over 32 to find their specific needs and barriers in the health care system
Research findings will raise awareness among key stakeholders
Conduct literature research to identify trending health issues affecting the Latino Community
Research and write an Op-Ed
Develop a one-hour long training/presentation on the ACA & Latinos
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Recruit 14 undocumented youth ages 18-32
Outreach through social media, personal networks, and organizations that serve undocumented youth
Conduct a 43 question survey in person or through video chat
Healthy California Survey Project
"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Undocumented people are less likely to use health services in non-urgent situations
Many wait until their condition is serious to get health care
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
Xavier Morales, PhD, Preceptor & Executive Director
Diana Garza, Office Manager
Giovanni Rodriguez, Intern
Chad Silva, Policy Director
George Flores, MD, MPH, Board Member
Dream Summer National Program
Marco Flores, Northern CA Intern Coordinator
Perla Flores, Northern CA Intern Coordinator
Imelda Plascencia, Project Intern Coordiantor
Master of Public Health Program
Lorena Garcia, DrPH, MPH, Faculty Advisor
Stephen McCurdy, MD, MPH, Program Director
Diana Cassady, DrPH, Associate Professor
Crystal Saetern, Student Affairs Officer
Amber Carrere, Student Affairs Officer
Xavier Morales, PhD
Latino Coalition for a Healthy California
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