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Macro Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System (BLUE TEAM)

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on 24 November 2013

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Transcript of Macro Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System (BLUE TEAM)

Macro Trends Affecting the US Healthcare System (BLUE TEAM)
Economy & Demographics
Health care cost gets worse as our population ages and increases.
Due to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, lack of clean air, and explosive growth of mega cities.
Other factors?- Advances in technology to diagnose and treat diseases which will have a widespread effect on health care spending and its delivery
Personal Lifestyles and Behaviors
A large number of Americans engage in unhealthy habits.
Poor choices: Smoking to excessive drinking to poor dieting,
Unhealthy habits pay a portion of the costs related to unhealthy habits higher insurance premiums,
Influences genetic to social play a role on a person's behavior.
Mega trends: Advances in prosthetic, and medical robotics are providing function and mobility.
Advances in medical imaging and biochemistry are helping to elucidate the mechanisms of traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
Federal & State Policies
With every new development or advance in technology comes the concern of safety and confidentiality of private patient information. The Telehealth Enhancement Act of 2013 also referred to as HR 3306, was introduced in the House on October 22, 2013 by Representative Gregg Harper
Other Opportunities
for Healthcare Managers
in 2020
Global Healthcare Coordinator:

A health care manager that can bridge the gap and fill the need with high quality offshore care.

Good Professional Opportunities for Healthcare Managers in 2020
Community Health Manager:
Assist the elderly in matching the appropriate facilities for their specific or specialized needs.
Works to ensure the appropriate coverage is purchased.
Support initiatives to help encourage preventive care for the elderly population.
Our model of healthcare needs to evolve to accommodate our aging demographics.
Significant growth in race and ethnicity are projected in years to come.
Adults without a high school diploma or equivalent are three times as likely to die before the age of sixty five as oppose to adults with a college degree.
Obesity Rates have Increased.
Highest in the U.S.
Good Professional
Opportunities for Healthcare
Managers in 2020
Population Health Manager:
Go out into communities that are fighting obesity and chronic illness.
Makes use of the individual, organizational, and cultural aspects of a community to help improve their health.
Incorporates demographics of obesity and personal lifestyle and behaviors that people have taken upon them selves
Good Professional
Opportunities for Healthcare
Managers in 2020
Establish a Hospital at Home Program:
Designed to provide a high-quality cost-effective alternative to hospitalized care for acute illnesses in an adult population.
Biotechnology Healthcare Administrator
Mobile technology is increasingly becoming more important and influential in the healthcare industry. Biotechnology Healthcare Administrator’s will be need in the next 7 years to maintain these devices. As a part of their job responsibility, they will monitor these devices to ensure they are in working order and that they are transmitting the appropriate information to the physician/healthcare provider.
Key Components
Allow Medicare accountable care organizations to use telehealth like Medicare managed care plans
Adjust Medicare home health payments to account for remote patient monitoring,
Cover telehealth services and remote patient monitoring under Medicare payment bundles for post-acute care
Cover home-based video services for hospice care, home dialysis and homebound Medicare beneficiaries, as well as for critical access hospitals
Create new Medicaid optional package for high-risk pregnancy and birth networks” (VNAA Policy Team, 2013)

With all the advancements of the world, the health care system needs to keep up with the pace. In order to keep up with all the advancements, there needs to be an understanding of where the health care trends are coming from. Looking at the past macro trends of health care will allow us to predict what potential jobs need to be created in order to prepare for what's to come. Looking at the macro trends in the economy, demography, personal lifestyles and behaviors, technology, and federal and state policies will cover most of where potential jobs can come from. Hopefully, focusing on these macro trends will help in understanding where the health care system is now, and its future potential.
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