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Zucchetti Group

Réka Ujj

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of reka.ujj@zucchetti.it

No. 1 Software House in Italy no. 23 in Europe HR Innovation Award 2012 an innovative technological leader 2300 bright minds
1/3 works in R&D
more than 1400 Partners
87.000 clients
---------------------------- = 256 mnl Euro since 2004 270 partners in 50 countries Romania Infinity Project collaborate a virtual workspace social mobile partecipate comment share Architecture strategy
Plan your future without limits! developed in Java language supporting Ajax technology delivery on premises SAAS outsourcing Enterprise Software Event & Venue Management Building & Workforce Security competitive edges advanced technological know how skills in different market sectors capacity of project management
also on international level broad and functionally complete
range of applications semplicity continuity innovation Travel Expenses Workforce Time&Attendance Job Costing Business intelligence analytics ERP Wellness & Fitness stadiums trade fairs & expo fun parks sport centers 100 stadiums Italy, Greece, Qatar, Bahrein Asian Cup 2010 Qatar Rome olympic stadium 8 Sport centers & Arenas Adriatic Arena Whirlpool Arena Formula 1 @ Monza International Tennis Game @ Rome 2011 Concerts Madonna Laura Pausini Rihanna ZACC Technology
based on WiFi more than 30.000 sold terminals security & automation who, where and when identification, access control,
monitoring, labor management
and production control
intrusion detection,
environment protection,
video surveillance 10 mln euro turnover important international player rapresented
by 200 partners in the World Hotel access control Access & weighting system Car park management Airports Enviornment protection (museums, cultural heritage sites) Integrated touristic system Visitors flow access control Fuel supply control and management Reference projects DMS CRM Time Attendance Electronic Time Card People Time
Management GPWEB up to 100 employees all in 1 solution stand alone solution (hw & sw) allows to enter & record
absence time, illness, special permissions recording ins and outs RFID card reader exports through USB pen drive (.csv, .txt) up to 200-250 employees client / server solution multi company
multi branch
multi language export to payroll by configuration
or program language Web Based (Infinity Project) multi-company
multi labour contractual
multi language (Italian, English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish) attendance sheet monthly authentication proceeding & ellaborating justifications handle programmed vacation periods prepare payroll statemens Travel Expense Management pre-travel on travel post-travel company policy under control real time speed up paperless self service transfer on the road expense management request transfer, adv. cash, booking insert costs & justifications compile & confirm expense management forms approve or refuse approve or refuse approve or refuse
provides adv. cash approve or refuse
handle balance in payslip, reg. in accounting Workforce Scheduling call center, health care, facility management, production, retails, help desk, restaurants intuitive online/ewb based schedule maker
based on algorithms & shift sequences
collaborating approach "trade management"
real time updates
acccessibile anytime & anywhere
no schedule conflicts
unlimited schedules & simulations
integrated with T&A, Workflow never be under or over staffed ...
budgeting became easier than ever! Job Costing based on projects, job orders, cost centers, construction sites, debit centers monitor activities
verify quality & cost inputs: timesheet, terminals, schedule management
managers: accept or refuse
analytical reports on individuals & groups
integrated with T&A, workforce, payroll, workflow pocketsize terminals mobility various workplace tag RFID - read and stores download on PC / USB / GPRS / Bluetooth online & biometrical time-clock
(wordwide HW device distribuition is available) relational & NOT proprietary dataware house
proprietary MetaData
built with high-level concepts (facts, dimensions)
in-memory multi dimensional analysis
user profile policy

graphic tools
also on mobile devices
Client/Server or WEB
self service on reports & analytics Camp sites Beaches Water parks Rehabilitation centres Aesthetics Saunas Recreational centres Swimming pools Wellness/SPA resorts Fitness centres 1.5 mln Euro annual turnover
1100 Clients
5 Resellers in Italy
Acquisition: Softwell Srl.
(solution for beauty centers and SPAs) Catch tag machine Access control readers Zucchetti Itaca Turnstiles Developed in .net
Fully integrated HW & SW system
Integration with time & attendance solutions Features and benefits CRM Booking Control Management REFERENCES Zucchetti's group References 80.000 users
14.000 clients
1.300 certified developers and consultant
340 resellers
13 languages
8 countries
4 Editions
1 solution subsidaries Brazil USA Qatar Application &
Solution Portfolio HR Web Based (Infinity Project) significatly reduce the management time & cost related to your collaborators & employees large data process - reduced time on analysis & totalization localization without limits by setting up the calculation formulas diminuate buddy clocking track tadiness and absences ten level scale approval worked hours by site or job order canteen reservation & consumption Zucchetti Group since 1976 in EMEA & America in the cloud... Talent Zucchetti Group it's the beginning ... by Réka Ujj
email me: reka.ujj@zucchetti.it
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