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Lets' see the game!

No description

Bognár Mari

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Lets' see the game!

Let's see the game!
National captain
Supporters, cheers, fans
Resource pool
Personal professional support
Each pilot school had a change agent mentor (2 mentors in each countries).
Some statements of already dropped outs
'The persons of the school didn´t care about me and put me apart. If they had had treated me in a different way, maybe I wouldn´t have left the school.'
The well-known model of effective change
What do we mean by Early Warning System?
Roles in CroCooS
Achievements in the pilot schools
The CroCooS Implementation Strategy and Tactics
'They laughed at me, when I gave a wrong answer, made fun of me. I start to be truant. During the breaks I did not do anything with the classmates. I have to repeat class 9. During class 8 and 9 I did not go to school at all.'
'It was my decision, to quit school. The school didn´t tried to keep me. I think they were happy when I left school.'
'The teachers have perceived my behaviour but not understood as a signal. There’s no support from anybody.'
I told them early, that the programme wasn´t right for me, but they didn´t listen and couldn´t help me to change programme.
Start change schools to become more person focused
CHALLENGE: national coordinators requiring project expectations
+ in Hungary: EWS by low
Control 1 schools
Traditional type as materials to be read
Resource Pool
Pilot schools
Personal professional support too on how and when to use these materials
+ financial support
Guidelines and Toolkit
The mentors visited their schools in every month providing tailor made support in using the Guidelines and tools form the Toolkit.
PLAs were organised three times in each country to learn from each other
EWS teams (task forces to prevent drop-out) settled - regular team meetings
Student-friendly environment - EWS rooms
Most schools organised CroCooS-related training programmes
Searching for distress signals in all schools
A system of data collection in most schools
Different intervention approaches
Some schools already institutionalised its EWS work
All teams involved out of school partners
There is no difference between C1 and C2
Screen and
work with
at-risk students
A set of measurable and/or observable distress signals
A system of screening these signals
A team to orgaise screening and
decide if intervention is needed
organises the needed actors of intervention
follows the results
Time limits: 16 months
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