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Tom Sawyer (Elements of Plot)

Made for Ms. Colon

Grace Horne

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Tom Sawyer (Elements of Plot)

Rising Action Climax Exposition The Adventures of Tom Sawyer "Diving into the novel" Tom Sawyer is a boy in a small, "heavenly" (as described by Mark Twain) town in Missouri called Saint Petersburg. He is remembered as being mischievous and adventurous. The novel takes place in the mid 1940s. "Skimming the Surface" One rising action is when Huck and Tom witness the murder of Dr. Robinson. Another rising action is when they townspeople believe Tom, Huck and Joe to be dead but really they are just hiding out on Jackson's Island. When Tom gives his testimony, it proves Muff Potter's
innocence bringing up another major rising action in the novel. The two boys also witness Injun Joe and the Spaniard talking about the treasure that was hidden in the mysterious "Number 2". Finally the last of the rising actions was when Becky and her beau (and also main character) Tom. "Breaking through to the Surface" The climax occurs when Huckleberry overhears Injun Joe's plan to disfigure the Widow Douglas. Huck uses this information to alert the Welshman in time to save her. Another component of the climax is when Tom sees Injun Joe in the cave holding a candle. This keeps the reader in suspense and wondering what will happen to Tom and Becky in the cave. "Diving Towards the End" Falling actions include when Huck saves the Widow Douglas and when Tom and Becky escape from the cave. Lastly, one of the main falling actions is when Tom realizes that Injun Joe was trapped in the cave. Falling Action Protagonist The protagonist of this novel is
Tom Sawyer. Tom is boy of mischievous ways. He thinks of only himself in the beginning but as he grows up through the novel he begins to understand the importance of others. Antagonist The antagonist of this novel is Injun Joe.
Joe is a "murderous, halfbreed" and schemes his way through the novel. He kills Dr. Robinson for not for filling a payment in advance. Resolution "Dol'fin'" The major conflict is resolved when Tom and Huck get the treasure (which was worth $12,000). Huck's situation is resolved when he is, unhappily at first, adopted by the Widow Douglas. Conflicts Major conflicts in the story are Tom (and Huck) vs. Injun Joe and Tom vs. self (society). Minor conflicts in the novel include Tom vs. Aunt Polly and Tom (and Becky) vs. the cave. The part of the story where the major conflict is resolved. Person overcoming an obstacle. Person setting the obstacle for the protagonist. The highest point of suspense in a novel. The series of an event that take place after the climax. The series of events that lead up to the climax.
The tension is building. The point in the story where main characters, setting and other information is revealed. By: Mark Twain
Prezi By: Grace Horne The issue between two forces. The conflict can be internal or external. Themes Some themes in the story are superstitions, honesty is the best policy, crime and loyalty to your friends. In the fence painting scene Tom is showing cleverness pays off. The lesson that is learned by the reader.
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