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Paul Synnott, Esri Ireland

The Age of the Platform - Can GIS play with the big boys?

Paul Synnott

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Paul Synnott, Esri Ireland

Benefits of
The Platform

(Arc Advisory Group Report 2013)
"ArcGIS is the geography
for your organisation, enabling you to create, organise, and share geographic information and tools with anyone by using intelligent online maps and useful apps. These apps run virtually anywhere - on desktops, the web, smartphones and tablets"
"Intergraphs G-Technology is a feature rich application
designed to meet the geospatial resource management needs of utilities and communications companies. It is based on Intergraph's knowledge of utilities and communications companies requirements collected during our more than 35 years serving these industries"
"Used as a technology
for discipline-specific applications from Bentley and other software vendors, Microstation offers robust subsystems for consistent integration of geometry and data, and enhances the user experience across a broad portfolio of comprehensive design, engineering and simulation applications"
"The Smallworld Network Inventory is built on a leading GIS
which has been deployed at over 1,000 customer sites across the world. The Smallworld core spatial technology supports some of the largest deployments of of GIS-based applications in utility and telecommunications companies"
"Which ever Autodesk
technology you work with, we can support your development of superior design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and media & entertainment software and web services for desktop, web browser and mobile devices"
Pitney Bowes talk about Spectrum which is their "modular
for master data management, data quality, data governance, data hygiene, analytics, geospatial data integration and business services such as geocoding. Think of Spectrum as a container in which all data management functions, including spatial ones, can be accessed"
eSpatial talk about their "iSMART SaaS GIS
that provides full funtioned GIS over the web: customers get all the functionality they expect from traditional desktop GIS software except with the added benefits of a pure web interface and the convenience of SaaS"
Even SuperMap is getting in on the act. When referring to their 2013 conference in Beijing last month they state that " in this conference SuperMap will show you the worldwide advanced GIS technologies, the industry leading GIS
software and rich industry solutions"
Paul Synnott, Country Manager, Esri Ireland
"A structural or technological form from which various products can emerge without the expense of new processes or technologies"
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