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The Case Study of Clive Wearing (Sacks, 1997)

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Bianca Morales

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Case Study of Clive Wearing (Sacks, 1997)

The Case Study of Clive Wearing (Sacks, 1997)
Who is Clive Wearing ?
-What if you were caught up in the present without about being able to remember anything from the past or remember anything from the future well this happened to Clive Wearing.
-Clive Wearing was an English musician who specialized is musicology.
-He suffered from a brain infection that interfered with his memory.
- March of 1985
- This is the most extreme case of amnesia ever recorded in history.
-Level of Analysis
-The brain infection that we had was called herpes encephalitis.
-Even after his illness he was still able to conduct music.
-Clive Quoted "It's like being dead" when he tried explaining his amnesia.
-2:10 p.m: I am awake.
-2:35 p.m: This time I am completely awake.
-9:40 p.m: I awoke for the first time
Types of Amnesia
-Clive suffered from retrograde amnesia.

- He also suffered from anterograde amnesia.
-Even though Clive had brain damage he still had implicit memories which allowed to to still be able to conduct music.
-He also had emotional memory which allowed him to show affection towards his wife.
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He did not seem to retain any impression of anything for more than a blink.
What he heard and saw was impaired.
Area of the Brain
Area of the brain that deals with memory. It stores, forms, and organizes memory information.
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