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Competitive Advantage &

No description

Elena Samota

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Competitive Advantage &

Competitive Advantage &
Business Strategy

Basic Definitions
Sources of Competitive Advantage
Industry Application
What it is
Ability to generate greater sales or margins and/or retain more customers than its competition
Competitors can not imitate
Competitors need lots of time to adjust themselves to reach the same level as our capabilities
Two types

Cost Leadership
deliver the same benefits as competitors but at a lower cost
reducing production cost
use material that cost lower

deliver benefits that exceed those of competing products
research and development
marketing research
5. Economic factors (different regions)
low start up overhead and labor cost

6. Superior database management and data processing capabilities
capacity to process data speedily

7. Strong marketing strategy

8. Excellent management team and operations

9. Flexibility

10. Speed and Time

Business Intelligence
Common functions of BI technology:
Online analytical processing
Data mining
Process mining
Text mining
Business performance management
Predictive & Prescriptive analytics

Different Classification
1. Strong


often lead the market with innovation

2. Brand Popularity
uses its brand name as leverage to break into new markets in completely new territories.

3. Superior product or customer support
has the capacity to quickly respond to customers need

4. Low cost or high volume production
high volume sales with low profit margin

Not the leader in new product development.
Nor a Customer Intimacy company
Not excellent in Operational Efficiency
System lock-In strategy
partnering with the hardware and application companies who all must stay Windows-compatible
"Why do your customers choose your company over every other competitor in the market?"
A Model of Competitive Advantage
Integrated Data
Customer Collected Data
A Model of Competitive Advantage
for Immigrate Smart
Fast development
BI Specialists
Knowledge of visualization
Personalized Recommendations
Dynamic Comparison
Innovation &
Advanced analytical capabilities
Personalized recommendations
Enriched information
Competitive Advantage & Analytics
Companies who believe they’re seeing a competitive advantage from analytics:

37% (2010) --> 58% (2011) --> 67% (2012) --> 66% (2013)
“Analytics created significant competitive advantage in the beginning. Over time, however, competitors build the same capabilities and the advantage erodes.”
Douglas Hague
, chief analytics officer at Bank of America.

How to Sustain Competitive Advantage
1. Become a data provider as well as a data user.
compile and sell data, instead of just consuming it

2. Nurture an analytics culture.
more advanced data management processes
part of business strategy

3. Ask the hard questions.
how to build analytics programs that will continually innovate
data as a core asset
let analytics help change the way the business is done

Class Discussion
What is your strategy?
"We're cheaper"
"More efficient"
"More convenient"
"We have better technology"
"More features"
"Cooler style"
"We listen"
"Better service"
"Tailored solutions"
Awarded as the best OS.
Not fully compatible with commonly used software.
Most software is developed specifically for Microsoft.
Digital Research was effectively “locked out” by Microsoft.

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