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Iasi Airport for November Conference

Aiming for Sustainable Growth

IASI Airport

on 25 October 2015

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Transcript of Iasi Airport for November Conference

The Future of Aviation in Eastern Europe
Iasi, 19-20th of November 2014

Iasi Airport
Iasi Airport is one of the most ancient accredited airports in Romania - even from 1905, on a grass runway there were taking place “flight art contests”
Iasi Airport was officially established in 1932
The history we cherish
Initial Project - 2008
Administrative and Political approval - 2012
European Commission funding - 2014
Finalized Project - 2015
The modernization
we started
New management
New result oriented attitude
New HR approach
New vision
The determination
we work
Our Vision is to become
the essential air hub
to link the East of European Union
and the rest of the world
The future we believe in
Sustainable growth
is a priority for us
especially when the potential is proved
and the market supports the competition
Example: July ’12 we had 18.959 pax,
in July ’13 we registered 26.401 pax and
in July ’14 we registered 30.656
all with the old infrastructure

JASPERS Study from 2013 shows that IASI Airport
is the only airport from Moldova Region
which has development potential
in terms of number of passengers
New runway: Length: 2400m
Width: 45m + 2x7,5m
Surface: flexible, PCN 99,
Category D reference aircraft
ILS cat II
The Future of Aviation in Eastern Europe
19th and 20th of November 2014

The need for harmonized
and sustainable development across border
is a significant aspect of regional development
as it is important for people
to share solutions to common or similar problems

The cross-border area shares many common values,
easy communication due to common language,
common traditions and cultural heritage
and these strengths should be used
and close relations should be reinforced
for European benefit
Iasi Airport was officially established in 1932,
having legal personality from 1992.
It is based on economic management
and financial autonomy, it benefits from transfers
from Iasi County budget
for Sustainable Growth

Iasi Airport represents a real need at European level
from the point of view of EU policy
of regional development and connecting

Human, technical, economic, touristic
and cultural resources
potential available in the area served by Iasi Airport
require airport transformation, in time,
into a multimodal transportat hub
for passengers and cargo,
with direct effects
on job growth and accessibility
Attention on Regional Airports
From 1997 to 2014 on Iasi Airport
it was registered a constant and permanent increase
of the number of aircraft movements
and also of processed passengers
(up to 270.000 pax estimated in 2014)
Local - Regional - European

That is why we emphasize
our important role in the Region


Our Mission is to directly contribute
to the economic development of IASI
and the North-Eastern Region of Romania
through continuous diversifying
and improvement
of the specific services offered,
in a sustainable manner,
to the benefit of all our customers
at home and abroad
The new passenger terminal, T3,
will open in august 2015:

- 3600 sq m
- 6 check-in desks
- 320 pax / h processing capacity
and because the future will bring
Route Development
Projects & Grants
Raluca FILIP
Marketing & Contracts
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