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Naples during the renaissance

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Omar Al-Massad

on 8 February 2015

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Transcript of Naples during the renaissance

Naples is the third largest city in Italy.
It is a world tourism center. Naples is the capital of Campania region. The city is well served, it's well served by roads, highways, and railways.

Ruling family
The city-state of Naples ruled much of southern Italy at the time of the renaissance , but in 1443 Alfonso the 1st conquered, after it was attacked by Spain in 1504. The city of Naples in the renaissance was filled by merchants and craftsmen. It was the growing class of the society. The habsburg people were the rulers.
During the renaissance the kingdom of Naples was contested by the Angevin dynasty, which had its roots in northern France, and the rulers of the Spanish realm of Aragon. The Angevin dynasty was granted Naples by Pope Clement IV in 1266. Angevin kings brought important Italian artists, including Giotto and Simone Martini , to the city to decorate churches, palaces, and building belonging to the Frannciscans, an order of monks established in the thirteenth century.
Naples was well known of being a trade and also cultural center of the ancient. Also in 1545, Naples was the most populous city in Europe. Naples is a major part on the Mediterranean sea. Naples was a destination of many European and also Asian emissaries, travelers, and correspondence to Italy.

Naples during the renaissance was the military and fiscal cornerstone of Spain's mediterranean empire from conquest in December 1503. Naples helped the Spanish which showed a sign of respect.
In 1545 , Naples was the most popular city in Europe, and a major port on the Mediterranean sea. The wealth of the patrons of the city created collections, museums, libraries, and gardens. Making Aaples one of the most wealthiest and greatest artistic and cultural capitals of Europe.
Naples during the renaissance
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