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Color Symbolism

No description

rachael lunsford

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Color Symbolism

Color Symbolism
by : Rachael Lunsford and Monique Shells
Red Scene
In the red scene Moon and Flying Snow had a sward fight in the yellow forest because Moon was mad Flying Snow killed master for cheating on her with Moon . So , Moon saw Flying Snow in the forest and attacked her . The whole time Flying snow was just really calm with Moon like she didn't want to fight . But , at the end ended up killing Moon ad there was blood ( the only scene that showed blood ) .
Red Rose
5 Reasons
To indicate the blood from the fighting scenes.
The emotion of this scene represented rage from the characters.
The season was Autumn and around that time the leaves are orange and red.
red couldve also represented love shown by the other two characters.
to Represent Asia or The part of the world they were in.
Red Symbolizes
in the eastern civilization red symbolizes luck and believed to warn away evil and in the western civilization red indicates danger , love , and passion .
Color Symbolism Project
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