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The Great Gatsby

No description

saige frederick

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
By; Saige, Ella, and Keely
There are a lot of parts in the movie that show catharsis. One part in the beginning is when Jordan tells Nick about how Gatsby and Daisy broke up. Their break up was sad because of how much they were in love with each other. Another part is when Gatsby and Daisy run over Myrtle. The way the husband reacts to her death shows catharsis. At the end of the movie when Gatsby dies and Nick is laying on his stairs at the funeral and he is crying because no one had showed up not even Daisy, also showed catharsis.

Catharsis: The process of relaeasing, and thereby providing relief from strong or repressed emotions.
Three's A Charm
The three parts to a story, the begining, the middle, and the end.
The beginging:
The beginging of the movie starts with the main character Nick moving next door to Gatsby. He does not know who Gatsby is though, so he goes to one of his huge party's and meets him. They become friends.
The Middle:
The middle is when Gatsby and Daisy meet again and fall in love. Then Tom, Daisy, Nick, Gatsby, and Jordan all go to town together. They are all in a room together and Tom and Gatsby get in a fight about Daisy. Tom then sends Gatsby and Daisy back home. On the way home Daisy is driving Gatsby's car and she is really emotional. She ends up running over Tom's mistress Myrtle.
The End:
In the ending, Gatsby and Nick are at Gatsby's house waiting for Daisy to call so Gatsby and her can run away together after the crash happened. Gatsby asks Nick to go for a swim with him while they wait but Nick leaves and goes to work instead. While Gatsby is swimming Myrtle's husband comes and shoots Gatsby in the chest because he thought Gatsby killed Myrtle not Daisy. They have a funeral for Gatsby but no one shows up except Nick. Daisy, Tom, and their daughter move away without telling anyone where they are going.
Unity of the Plot
Unity of the plot is a part of the story line that is most important. Something that you wouldn't be able to take out without the whole thing being messed up.
The unity of plot in The Great Gatsby would have to be Nick and Gatsby meeting. If they wouldn't have met, then none of the movie would go together because Nick is the one telling the story. Also Gatsby and Daisy meeting, if they would have not met then the whole movie would be different and Gatsby would probably have been alive at the end. Also Nick wouldn't have been telling the story of Gatsby if he was still alive.
Probable Resolution
Dramatic Movement
Dramatic Movement is when the main character goes from their highest point to their lowest point.
The dramatic movement in the movie is when Gatsby dies. Nick was at his highest point before that, He was having a great time with Gatsby and he loved being with him and hanging out with him. Then after he died he was not the same. He hated going into the city, he went through a depression stage. He is telling the whole story to his doctor, or as it seemed a psychiatrist.
Character Traits
The probable resolution would be when Gatsby is killed by Myrtle's husband, George. He is mad about his wife's death. George doesn't know that Daisy killed her.
The tragic hero is Gatsby, he was a good man whose tragic flaw was his love for Daisy. He was obsessed with Daisy Buchanan whom he met when he was in the army. This weakness of loving her eventually lead to his death.
Character traits is the the hero's tragic flaw in the movie.
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