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Developing Your Energy Management Plan

A step-by-step guide to creating an energy management plan unique to your organization

Lily Perkins-High

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Developing Your Energy Management Plan

Gather Resources
Assess Performance
Form Your Team
Property managers
Marketing opportunity, tenant happiness
Building owner
Property value
Maintenance staff
Newer equipment, less repairs
Comfort, lower
utility bills
Where are you spending the most money?
How do your buildings compare to each other?
How does your energy usage compare to last year's?
How do your buildings compare to similar buildings?
Set Goals
Examples of Goals
Reduce usage to median of portfolio or similar buildings
Set cost or usage per apartment goals
Decrease usage to level of efficient buildings
Home Owner's Rehab
Starting point: 1,500 units of affordable housing, $1.65 million on utilities
95% of residential buildings' gas usage below 10 BTU/sq ft/HDD
July 2010 - June 2011: 85% of buildings below this benchmark
Reduce water usage to 75 gal/bedroom/day
Last year, buildings below this goal increased from 79 - 92%
Define technical steps and targets
Performance targets
Identify Roles and Resources
Funding opportunities may force you to revise your plan
LEAN Multifamily Program
MA Green Retrofit Initiative
Implement Action Plan
Create Action Plan
Create a Communication Plan
Identify key audiences
What information will interest these audiences?
Incorporate Plan into Regular Business Activities
Monthly management meetings
Year-end reviews
Social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Blog articles
Home Owner's Rehab
Publish Green Living Guide on website for every gut rehab or new construction project
Green tips
Evaluate Progress
Measure results
Compare performance to goals and benchmarks
Review and edit action plan
Recognizing Achievements
Internal and external recognition
Energy star awards
LEED certification
Local awards
Quick Background

Energy efficiency, decision making platform
Utility tracking and benchmarking capabilities
Currently largest Multi-Family database in the US
8,500+ buildings with 130,000+ units
800+ user accounts
Subcontracted by LEAN to benchmark all low-income multi-family properties in MA
Developing your Energy Management Plan

Lily Perkins-High, Project Specialist
Catherine Schirm, Project Specialist
Sean Shanley, Director of Project Design

June 14, 2012
Getting tenants to reduce usage
Incentives to share utility data for energy tracking and feedback
The 7 Steps to Developing your Energy Management Plan
Gather Building
WegoWise requires 26 pieces of information - other software have different requirements
At a minimum:
Gross Square Footage
Bedroom and unit counts
Mechanical Systems
Why do you need an Energy Management Plan?
30% of energy in buildings is used inefficiently or unnecessarily
Reducing usage by 10% can make a huge difference!
Gather Utility
Setting up an online account should provide two years of usage data
Most utilities require account number, tax ID
You won't need to set up paperless billing
1. Gather Your Resources
2. Assess Performance
3. Set Goals
4. Create Action Plan
5. Implement Action Plan
6. Evaluate Progress
7. Recognize Achievements
The 7 Steps
When to measure upgrades
Water: immediately
Electric and gas: a year
Thank you!
Please don't hesitate to contact us!
Lily Perkins-High
lperkinshigh@wegowise.com, x. 204
Catherine Schirm
cschirm@wegowisecom, x. 206
Sean Shanley
sshanley@wegowise.com, x. 207
Tips for Uncovering Building Information
Tax Assessor's webpage
Google or Bing Maps
Capital Planning System
Ask us!
Tenant-Paid Utilities
OPTION ONE: Focus on the developments where you pay the bills
OPTION TWO: Use tenant release forms or talk to us about utility databases
Sampling Usage Data
0-25 units: 50% of units need data
26-100 units: 25%
100+ units: 15%
From Enterprise Green Communities
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