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Writing a personal narrative essay

No description

Irene Zsak

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Writing a personal narrative essay

Mission: to write a personal narrative essay
Of about 250-300 words

Due dates: Gr. 13, 19, 6 & 7 March 28

Due dates: Gr. 45 March 25, Gr. 8 March 26

Level 2 – Challenge 1
- Choose from the topics or create your own.
- Make a timeline of events
- Answer these questions: Who, when, where, why, what?
- Organize the events into beginning, middle and end.
- Think of a TITLE!!!!


- Starts with a question, an interesting fact or a quote.

- Example: ``I never thought that an ordinary pair of socks would ever mean so much to me.``

- Give your essay a TITLE!

A PERSONAL narrative is an essay that tells a story in chronological order.

- Uses 1st person,
- May be happy, sad, inspiring,
- Has a beginning, middle and end.
- Use figurative language (similes, foreshadowing, metaphors, hyperbole)
- Answers these questions: who, when, where, why, what
- Has a TITLE

MISSION: Writing a personal narrative essay.
Level 1 – Challenge 1
Look at these examples of narrative essay



They are too long, but will give you an idea as to what a narrative essay should look like.

Look for figurative speech elements. (metaphor, simile, hyperbole, etc.)

1. Identify the element by name AND give the example from the text

Write 3 of them in your WRITING PORTFOLIO.


Writing a personal narrative essay
Watch this clip on narrative essays
PAUSE: MINI QUIZ based on slides and video

WRITE THE ANSWERS ONLY in your your Writing Portfolio
Theory continued...
- figurative language (simile, metaphor, foreshadowing, etc.)

- has dialogue (optional)

- has 3 body paragraphs that must be organized in chronological order

- uses transition words at the beginning of every paragraph.
- Example: To begin with, later, at last
What is a PERSONAL narrative essay anyway?


It restates what the story was about OR
Explains the lesson or the moral of a story.

Major Challenge!

Write your own essay (tell me a story.)

250-300 words

Introduction: approx. 40-60 words
Body: approx. 100-150 words
Conclusion: approx. 40-60 words

Follow the next few slides to write your PERSONAL NARRATIVE essay.

- PLEASE UNDERLINE FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE: simile, metaphor, foreshadowing, hyperbole, etc.

- Dialogue (optional)

- PLEASE UNDERLINE THE moral message.

You may share your essay with your elbow partner.

Remember to have a TITLE for your essay!!!

Body of the essay
Theory behind writing a Personal Narrative Essay
Theory continued...
Additional Requirements
1. Write a short definition of what a PERSONAL NARRATIVE essay is.

2. What makes a personal narrative essay more interesting ? (hint: they are also called figurative language). List at least 3.

3. True or false? The PERSONAL NARRATIVE essay uses 1st person to tell the story.

4. What 5 questions do you need to answer in your essay?

5. How many parts are there to a PERSONAL NARRATIVE essay?
Write these in your Writing Portfolio
Write these in your Writing Portfolio
Write this in your Writing Portfolio
1. Write these in your Writing Portfolio

2. THEN start writing your essay using
the form on Moodle.
Write these in your Writing Portfolio
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