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Copy of Canterbury Tales Prologue

No description

Kara Ellis

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Canterbury Tales Prologue

The Canterbury Tales Young Appearance End: Canterbury Cathedral Normal height Curly hair Strong Embroidered clothes with red and white flowers, like a "meadow" Son of the Knight Flowers Red: symbolizes passion White: symbolizes innocence Currently practicing "courtly love" For his love For his youth Battle in Picardy, Flanders, and Artois In France Patron Saint of Travelers Saint Christopher Physical Description Brown face Nut-shaped head Wearing "medal of St. Christopher" Green coat with hood Brace on his arm In hopes to win his Lady's love Chaucer's Perspective Vague But slightly negative . . . ? Contrasting his father A favorite
pilgrimage during Middle Ages The pilgrimage begins! St.Thomas Becket Shrine of murdered by knights of Henry II Archbishop of Canterbury By Geoffrey Chaucer The Knight Appearance: Activities Fighting around the world:,
sea battles
Crusades (Turks) plain armor rusty tunic good horse Heroic and Romantic Qualities: Chivalry
Gentle spoken - "A sheaf of peacock arrows bright and keen"
- "His arrows had no draggled feathers low" Carrying sword, dagger, bow, shield, hunting horn Appearance 20 yrs old Activities -Sang, danced, drew
-Played flute all day Character -Lover who would be a knight
-Concerned with appearances SQUIRE Lance Prioress Madame
Eglantine The Nun's
Priest The Fair Friar
Hubert Merchant Clerk Guildsmen The Wife of Bath
The Challenge:
30 pilgrims to tell 4 tales each
(2 on the way there;
2 on the way back)
Winner gets a free meal at the Inn Parson Plowman Miller Manciple Reeve Start: Southwark Tabard The Monk "This worthy man kept all his wits well set; / There was no one could say he was in debt." Traditional Pilgrims -Have a specific job or role in society
-Have specific social expectations
-Fit within the feudal or church hierarchy Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote
The droghte of March hath perced to the roote...
Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages
And palmeres for to seken straunge strondes
To ferne halwes, kowthe in sondry londes; Nevertheless, while I have space and time,
Before I go further in this tale of mine,
I feel the most natural thing to do,
Is to picture each of this group for you,
To tell you how they all appeared to me -
What sort they were and what rank they might be,
And what they wore, the clothes they were dressed in;
And first then with a knight I shall begin. Non-Traditional Pilgrims Social and Economic Opportunists -Aspiring middle class (city)
-Non-traditional roles without clearly delineated expectations
-Still expected to hold traditional
social and moral values Flashcards: http://quizlet.com/53742/the-canterbury-tales-characters-flash-cards/ Appearance: -Motley Gown (multi-colored)
-Expensive beaver hat
-Stylish forked beard
-Sat handsomely in saddle Activities: -Medieval stock broker/financial advisor
-Knows exchange rates
-Shrewd business tips Other -Self assured
-Material values and concerns
-Situational irony: appearance of
wealth and monetary knowledge, but
in reality = He was in debt (student) Appearance: Thin
Threadbare coat
Rode a skinny horse Activities Study! Study! Study!
"Gladly would he learn and
gladly teach" Other: -Intellectual & Moral Values
-Appearance vs. Reality:
Not thin to appear studious;
He was thin because he was studious!
-Books more important than Food
(red & black Aristotle)
-Well spoken Lawyer Appearance: -a medley coat, silk, belted
(not showy, but of good quality) Activities -Interpreting & applying the law
-Arguing cases in court
-Studying - knew all cases and laws
-Land speculation
-Title law
-Appeared busier than he was Other Works hard
Materialistic values

"All was fee simple to him, in effect, / Wherefore his claims could never be suspect"
(he transfers land to himself!) "For he was Epicurus' very son" Santa Clause: pure white beard
ruddy face (sanguine)
probably fat
Carries: a silk purse
a white dagger Activities: Eating and drinking!!!!
Local politician -
Sheriff & county auditor Other: Epicurean:
-"held the opinion that the only measure
of perfect happiness was simply pleasure"
-St. Julian to the countryside
-"It seemed to snow therein both food and drink" Appearance: Def: a wealthy landowner
aspiring upper class Members of a Trade Guild
5 dif. professions - Appearance: General appearance of gear:
new, very clean,
silver mountings
work pouches-well made & neat Activities: Weaver
Haberdasher Other: -Appear successful & hard working
-Showy - fancy gear
-High aspirations:
-"Each one was ...fitted to have been an alderman"
-Wives to be titled "madame" Traveled with the
Guildsman Appearance: Had an ulcer on his leg Activities:
Cooking! Good seasonings! The Physician Appearance: Healthy
Not overweight
Clothes of blood red taffeta &
Persian blue silk Activities -Great student of medicine
(ancient doctors & modern treatments)
-Combines medicine and astrology
-Knows the humors Other: Opportunistic: made money off other's misfortunes (plague) In cahoots with pharmacist Gave no heed to Scripture Irony: gold = medicinal value
physician's greed "loved he gold exceeding all" The Sailor Appearance: Sun-browned
Course smock
Dagger on a string from his neck (pirate!) Activities: -From Dartmouth - shipping port known for piracy and brutality
-Captain of Madeleine - famous pirate ship -Very knowledgeable in navigation -Fought well
-Smuggled Other: -Dishonest
"nice conscience was a thing he never kept"
-Drunken sailor -steals wine while the trader sleeps
-No value for life
"by water he sent them home to every land" Appearance: -broad hips clothed in a skirt
-bright red stockings
-soft new shoes with spurs
-large hat as wide as a shield
-gap toothed (sensual & assertive)
-red faced
-wore old-fashioned handerkerchiefs "She was a good fellow" Activities: skilled in weaving
took many pilgrimages
Married 5 times Other: somewhat deaf
loud, mouthy, full of advice
knew all about love

fiercely independent and domineering
Loved to be the center of show:
-first to give her offering Appearance: Poor
Carried a staff Activities: -Faithfully preached gospel
-gave his own money to others
-Loved to teach his people
-Whole concern:
turn sinners to heaven Other: -Not hypocritical -

-kind & industrious
-patient in adversity
generous (shared his little with others)
Content; not greedy
-no desire to go to London & get rich praying
for folks at St. Paul
-"a shepherd, not a mercenary"
Walked far and near to help his people
Lived what he taught:
"a model his flock could understand"
NOT CORRUPT! ~ confronted sin in both
rich and poor "If gold rusts,what shall poor iron do?" "If a priest is foul in whom we trust,
No wonder a layman shows a little rust>" The Parson's brother Appearance:
rode a mare Activities: Traveled with the parson
Hard worker - threshing, digging, shoveling up manure Other: -A true Christian brother
-Glad to help others(freely)
-Loved God with whole heart
-Loved neighbor as himself
-Did all "for the sake of -Christ"
-Paid tithes "He was honest enough as millers come" Appearance: -Strong
-Carried a shield and sword
-Broad red beard
-Large wide black nostrils
-Big red wart with black hairs on his nose
-Big mouth ("Like a furnace door")
-Wore a white coat with a blue hood Activities: -Milled grain
-Told ribald/uncouth ballads & jokes
-Prize-winning wrestler
- Stole corn; overcharged his clients
- Blew bagpipes - Led the pilgrims! Other: -Appearance matches his uncouth
-A country cheat! Appearance: Not a clue! Activities: Buys and sells for a college of 30 lawyers
-kind of like a caterer Other: City Cheat
- and very good at it!
-buys discounted goods so he
can pocket extra $ Appearance: Slender with long, lean legs
Close-shaven (no beard)
Short hair; tonsure like a priest
Rode a dappled-gray stallion - Scot
Wore a long blue coat,
hitched up and tied
Carried a RUSTY sword Activities: -Serf in charge of keeping an estate in order
-oversight of his lord's land, stock, funds, and laborers
-Sole steward since the lord was 20
-Carpenter by trade
-Shrewd in aquisitions
(for self - even more than his lord!)~cheats his lord
-Feared by the laborers
-Kept the books well (honestly?) Other: -Fiery temper - "They were afraid of him as of the death."
-Manor Cheat!
-"No auditor could ever on him win"
-Comes LAST in pilgrimage Appearance:
-Fiery red face, pocked & pimpled with
nobs and nubbins on his cheeks
-Narrow eyes with thin brows
-Scabby black beard
-Bad breath
-Huge garland on his head Paid to summon sinners for trial
in the church court Activities: Loved to drink
Spoke Latin when drunk
Job: summon violators of canon
law to ecclesiastical court Other:
-Accepted bribes
-Seems to blackmail youths Creepy!

With A sail,
A veil,
Some stones
And bones -
His conscience was plastic,
this noble ecclesiastic! Symbolism!
-springtime =new beginnings, rebirth Why April? But none the less, whilst I have time and space,
Before yet farther in this tale I pace,
It seems to me accordant with reason
To inform you of the state of everyone
Of all of these, as it appeared to me,
And who they were, and what was their degree,
And even how arrayed there at the inn;
And with a knight thus will I begin A pilgrimage to.... ...they to Canterbury wend,
The holy blessed martyr there to seek
Who helped them when they lay so ill and weak. How Many?? There came at nightfall to that hostelry
Some nine and twenty in a company "...loved chivalry / Truth, honor, freedom and all courtesy" "...bore himself as meekly as a maid. / He never yet had any vileness said" "For he had lately come from his voyage/ And was now going on this pilgrimage" modestly dressed = concerned about what he is doing and not how he looks. -"So hot he loved that, while night told her tale,/ He slept no more than does a nightingale" Qualities: Appearance: HUGE forehead "Fair forehead" = a sign of good breeding / intelligence Blue eyes, small red mouth Coral bracelet Golden brooch Coral - defense against temptation / a love charm "Amor vincit omnia" = Love conquers all Irony of Name:

-name of romantic heroine in literature of the time
-not appropriate name for a nun! Qualities: -good manners, but extreme
-speaks french, but poorly
-tries to appear more refined than she is Keeps little dogs - $$?? Physical Appearance: Sleeves trimmed in grey fur
Gold jewelry
Bald head
Very nice horse
Greyhounds Members of the church are dressed well and seem to be the most well-off **Corruption of Church ** Qualities: -loves hunting - keeps hunting dogs and fancy horses
-monks not supposed to b/c a "waste of money"
-why so much $$ to spare?? vows of poverty?? -ignores the rules of being a monk b/c he thinks they are outdated Qualities: -well liked
-listened to confessions -"He was an easy man to give penance / When knowing he should gain a pittance"
-"Therefore, instead of weeping and of prayer / Men should give silver to poor friars all bare" -Corrupt and Greedy
-spends a lot of time in bars
-friendly with barmaids
-thinks he as above dealing with poor and sick Quotations: IRONY - Madeleine = version of Magdelene (saint, repentant sinners) "The remedies of love she knew, perchance, / For of that art she'd learned the old, old dance" "By Christ's own lore, and His apostles twelve/ He taught, but first he followed it himselve" Priest = gold Common man = iron -"Living in peace and perfect charity" Irony: "Now is it not of God a full fair grace/ That such a vulgar man has wit to pace" -"He had a face that little children feared" Ugly outside = Ugly inside "In his power had he, and at ease,
The boys and girls of all the diocese,
And knew their secrets, and by counsel led." Appearance: -yellow hair that hangs in thick waxy locks.
-smooth face - can't grow a beard
-carries a bag of "relics" Activities: -Job = listen to confessions and pardon sins
- CORRUPT!! (the most evil??)
-Scam Artist:
pillowcase = Our True Lady's veil
sail of Saint Peter
pig's bones = Saint's bones
-has a polished tongue for storytelling The Host Appearance:
-a large man
-protruding eyes Other: -"bold in his speech, and wise, and right well taught" -"a very merry man" *Creates the game for traveling to Canterbury (Innkeeper: Harry Bailly)
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