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Allegory on the movie Avatar

No description

Davion Rankins

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Allegory on the movie Avatar

ALLEGORY: Avatar-Navi 's and The Government
By: Davion, Tollie, David , and Pablo
Navi 's and The Government
The government forces a wounded marine named Jake Sully to take the place of his dead twin brother Tom Sully as their avatar in a distant planet because his brother got shot in a fight with a thief trying to steal his wallet
He becomes his twin brothers avatar to gather information for the government so that they can figure out a way to get the exotic planet Pandora's home tree that has a orb they want, and they also want him to help get the people to move somewhere else.
The orb from the tree could make the government rich if they could get them to move to another planet they would take all of the Navi's natural resources.

Jake fell in love with one of the Navi's and started to help them fight the government they have a huge battle and the Navi people lost lots of there people in the battle.
The Allegory of the Story
Is that american marines forced the native people to move off of there land and to a whole new place just like the Indian removal act of 1830 and the trail of tears.
What is the Trail of tears & Indian removal act
The trail of tears was when the the Georgia government forced the Cherokee indians to move one thousand miles away from there land to Oklahoma and where 4,000 of their people died.
The indian removal act was when the United States congress passed an act to force the indians to move away into the frontier in the 1830's.
The End
The navi's in the end saved there land from the government and made all the humans that wanted to harm them leave their home.
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