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Jackie Knapp

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Cheating

Cheating - A New Norm? Jackie Knapp
May 1st, 2013 1. High School Students

2. College Students

3. Universities Three Main Topics: Cheating isn't just occurring in the U.S.
In Britain 45,000 students have been caught cheating.
From using their cell phones during an exam to hiring corporations to write papers Cheating in College : http://www.polleverywhere.com/my/polls#!/my/polls Let's Text! "Cheating, Lying and Stealing Among High School Students is on the Decline" According to a 2012 Huffington Post Article In a survey from 2010 59% of students admitted they have cheated on an exam. That dropped to 51% of students in 2012. Students admitting to copying other students work dropped from 34% in 2010 to 32% in 2012. However, According to The New York Times, and multiple other resources, cheating is on the rise, and is a huge epidemic. Students cheating on the ACT and SAT Does Sam seem regretful? Let's Text Again! http://www.polleverywhere.com/free_text_polls/86er0mUoQfs3Xf3 Sam Eshaghoff's Story:
Sam was hired by his classmates at Great Neck High School in N.Y.
He made a high school I.D. with the student's name on it and birthday.
Then he walked into the testing facility and took the test. Sam was being paid upwards of $2,500 per test.
Once Sam was given a $1,100 tip!
Where did the money come from?
(Stewart 2012) According to Sam, he took the test for 16 people.

Sam was even able to take a test for a female because she had a unisex name.

Sam believes he never got caught at the testing facility because the proctors are often not trained professionals.
(Explained the proctors as "kitchen staff")
(Stewart 2012) What happened to Sam?

What happened to the other students?

Sam was charged with Fraud & Criminal Impersonation.
Sam decided to take a Plea Bargain that the Judge offered .
He had to complete community service
and help tutor low income students on how to take the SAT (Stewart 2012).

The students were charged with misdemeanors (Fleisher and Fox) . The students' colleges won't be notified because according the ETS's policy colleges cannot be notified of suspected or confirmed cheating (Stewart 2012). Some of these students are now working on Wall Street (Singh 2013).

According to ETS - their main role is to make sure that the tests have valid results. They spend 11 million dollars on test security, but this isn't something that they are too concerned with.
(Stewart 2012) "Let's forget about college admissions and see our kids for the human beings they are. If we want them to be truly successful, we need to spend more time developing the person, not the resume."
(Singh 2013) Quote from Allison Singh from the Huffington Post: Statistics on Cheating for the SAT and ACT (Ranaweera 2011) Work Cited Ranaweera, Aruni http://hilite.org/archives/18319 The total amount of tests given in one year is about 2 million How the SAT and ACT are starting to combat this Issue Having students come into a testing location with a school I.D. is still mandatory for the SAT and the ACT.

The difference now is that students will need a photo of themselves to sign up as well. (students can upload a photo when signing up for a test)

When entering the testing facility the I.D. picture and testing ticket are presented and matched to the student. According to an article by Carla Rivera from Los Angles Times:
"The ACT cancels scores for a variety of reasons, including illness of the examinee, mis-timing of the test, disturbances or irregularity at the testing site" (Rivera 2008)
So if it was cheating, the college wouldn't find out. When a test score is canceled by ETS the college that the student is applying to is never informed... Of the 2 million test that are taken: 2,000 tests have an investigation due to thoughts of suspicion (Anderson 2012). 1,998,000 are not cheating.
What happens when a test score is canceled from the ETS? 1,000 scores of those tests had to be canceled.
(Anderson 2012) Included in that number were about 750 students that were removed from the test for reasons, such as, having phones in the testing center (Anderson 2012). ETS has also eliminated standby test registration. 15, 000 college students surveyed
53% confess to having cheated on assignments.
18% confess to cheating on exams.
9% of graduate students confess to cheating on exams.
58% of these college students confessed to cheating in high school.

(NBC News 2005) What is Even More Astounding: 46% faculty and 38% of TAs admit they have ignored suspected cases of misconduct, mostly because they didn't think they had enough proof to back up their suspicions. (NBC News 2005) According to College Humor in 2007: Out of 60.8% of students that cheat only 16% feel bad about it.

Males cheat more often than females Universities Falsifying Data to Attract More Students Who Cheats? Stewart 2012) 67.6% of students at colleges
with honor codes confessed
to cheating 41.5% of students at
colleges without honor
codes confessed to cheating Bob Smith's Story: How did Bob do this? How did the students Make A's? Bob would spend 25 to 30 minutes a week on his online science course
Bob never opened any books or studied
Recieved an A in the class Bob and four of his friends would sign onto a Google Doc, share information instantly, and see questions with correct and incorrect answers

Friends would copy and paste the question, followed by the correct or incorrect answer The computer test told the student if his/her answer was correct or not immediately

One student would start, and then the next one would go improving on the last person's score

Here is a quote from Jeffery Young who wrote about Bob Smith, and what some students want these days "Courses are just hoops to jump through to get a credential" "Students are happy to pay tuition, learn a little, and add an A" Each student was able to take the test twice! (Young 2012) High schoolers are guilty of Cheating....

College Students are Guilty too.....

What about Universities? Any corruption there? OH YEAH! Many Universities across the nation are forging information to appear more appealing to incoming students.

These claims are not audited, and there is no penalty for misreporting information Work Cited ANDERSON, J. (2012, March 27). After Cheating Scandal, SAT and ACT Will Tighten Security - NYTimes.com. The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia. Retrieved April 26, 2013, from http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/28/education/after-cheating-scandal-sat-and-act-will-tighten- security.html?pagewanted=all
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Cheating, Lying And Stealing Among High School Students Is On The Decline For First Time In 10 Years: Survey. (2012, November 27). Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Retrieved April 26, 2013, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/27/for-the-first-time-in-a- d_n_2198714.html
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