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The trail of tears

No description

luke sipe

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of The trail of tears

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The 5 civilized tribes were 5 tribes that dressed like White settlers. There tribes were called Cherokee,Creek,Choctaw,Chickasaw,and Seminole. These are the first five tribes that Anglo-European settlers generally considered to be "civilized".
What was the Trail of tears?
The trail of tears was by far one of America's most worst decisions in history. It killed over about 15,000 people died because of it. President Andrew Jackson sent soldiers to force the 5 civilized tribes(Creek Cherokee Seminole Choctaw Chickasaw) to Oklahoma.

The trail of tears
The Cherokee Indians
The Cherokee indians were one of the 5 civilized tribes. They were the last to move. Part of them signed the treaty part not. They were forced to move anyway. 4,000 people died because of it.
The distance was about 2,200 miles and 3,500 km.(17 detachments)
Who are the 5 civilized tribes?
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