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Presentation 1

August Wilson

Saad Kazi

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Presentation 1

His Past grew up in a black slum in Pittsburg. his family would rely on welfare checks and wages from house cleaning jobs. His father--Frederik August Wilson,a baker by trade, was a German immigrant and rarely made appearence at the family appartement. David Bedford became Wilson's stepfather, when the boy was a teenager. About Him August Wilson dedicated himself to writing plays that would bring forth, black poeples experiences during crucial historical periods. His sense of commitement to the cause of Black america- which is to allow black men and women, to tell American history in the form of poetry and writing "The message of America is 'Leave your Africanness outside the door.' my message is 'Claim what is yours" He believes with Lawrence Levine saying who was an influential historian in the mid 20 century "from the first African captives, through the years of slavery, "from the first African captives, through the years of slavery, and into the present century black Americans kept alive important strands of African Conciousness and verbal art in their humour, songs, dance, speech, tales, folk beliefs and aphorisms" His Life At the age of fifteen, Wilson dropped out of school and began to self-educate himself Since childhood, Wilson was getting tired of racism Began reading books by Langston Hughes, Richard Wright and many other black writers, and was strongly attracted to the use of word play, He would listen to conversations he heard, while he would be at a coffee shop or street corners, and would use these bits and pieces of conversation he remebered, to create a story of his own. What Influenced His Style of Writing ? Most of his ideas ame from, conversations he would over-hear, images, or lyrics from the blues songs. virtually all his characters, sing the blues to display their feelings and emotions at key moments in his play. "I have always conciously been chasing the musicians." "It's like our culture is in the music. And the writers are way behind the musicians Isee. So I'm trying to close the gap." August Wilson List of Mr.Wilsons play:-
1979 - Jitney
1982 - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
1983 - Fences
1984 - Joe Turner's Come and Gone
1986 - The Piano Lesson
1990 - Two Trains Running
1995 - Seven Guitars
2001 - King Hedley II
2003 - Gem of the Ocean
2005 - Radio Golf
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