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2010 CRU Fellowship Dessert Presentation

Presentation for the 2010 Minot State CRU ministry update

Jason Skjervem

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of 2010 CRU Fellowship Dessert Presentation

Celebrating what God is doing in and through
the lives of students in Northern ND. We "win" through
events such as So that every student on
every campus knows someone
who truely knows and follows Christ
Future Plans Our scope:
6 campuses Summer Projects Mandy Redfern
-Senegal Karen Langemo
-Medora, ND Cody Lawson
Amber Critz
Dan Peterson
-TREK -Taiwan
Kristan Faul
Alyssa Holmen
Becky Wynia

MAZE Hot Dog Eating Contest Bible Studies Katie Langemo
-growing in her faith since a freshman and going over seas Students like these are "built" in their faith Jon Rott
-Step of faith to go to TCX
Cody lawson
-Growing in his faith through community Leon Medina
-Runner's Bible study Leon Medina
-Altitude Project Campus Crusade for Christ
Win, Build, and Send
Eileen Gray
-Professor at LRCC We'll begin the program
after this video! CCC started as a vision to reach
students at UCLA in 1951 For the last almost 60
years, God has used CCC to reach students on over 3500 campuses on 191 countries "every student on every campus" vision and it's impact on ND Tonight we continue sharing
the story of how God is growing this family... Students are "sent" with a "100% sent" mentality Jason and Kassidy Skjervem
and our boys Hudson and Asher Continue with Win, Build, and Send Aaron Klingbeil
-Helped jump start
this ministry as a
student in 2004 Where God leads,
we will follow We "Build" into students
lives through discipleship, conferences, retreats, evangelism training and Bible studies. Continue to build relationships and teams on the campuses in our scope Continue to ask the Lord
to add to our team like minded laborers for the Gospel at each location in our scope Finally, continue to send
students with the life-changing message of Christ from... Peer perceptions Mike Denn
Becky Wynia
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