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Delaware Pemberton Forest Preserve

No description

Allen Arscott

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Delaware Pemberton Forest Preserve

Delaware Pemberton
Forest Preserve

History, Future, and Beyond.
Why is it important?
It provides refuge to more than 40 rare plants and animals such as the...
Wait! Don't Forget about the plants!
Atlantic White Cedar
History of Forestry
It is a former tree farm created from native plants interspersed with planted pine
Rapid development in this region poses a threat to wildlife habitat, ground and surface water, and to farmers, fisherman, the tourism industry and others who depend on the surrounding landscape to support livelihoods and sustain the local economy.
While forest restoration will take a long time, Delaware would like to use the Pemberton Forest Preservation as a model to future sites.
Detail 4
I have to use the restroom so bad
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Prezi by: Allen and Sarah
Where is it located?
Sussex County,
Delaware, The United States, North America,
The World, The Universe
Bobwhite Quail
Eastern Box Turtle
Pileated Woodpecker
Emperor Tamarin
Just Joking, but he's cute little thing isn't he?

Hyssops Skullcaps
Curly Grass Fern
And this. Beware.
Loblolly Pine
There are traces of logging roads, but it is rapidly returning to a natural forest community
5 years after purchasing the Pemberton Tract, the Conservancy added the 908 acres of Ponders Tract.
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