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INT: Understanding Self and Others

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jasmin olivera

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of INT: Understanding Self and Others

INT: Understanding Self and Others
What is INT?
Mercer Defines the Integrative track as:

"Through a shared first-year experience, students will examine representations of and
reflections on the self in order to develop as individuals in relationship to others. Subject
matter will confront students’ conceptions of selfhood, their relationships with others, the
moral and ethical values that guide them, and the influences that shape the formation of
When all of the pieces come together,
as a student you'll have a great foundation in INT 101!
Class Content
Then it was time for our camping trip. This camping trip included bonding games, s'mores, fun on the playground and a starry night sky. The camping trip is meant to be a time when everyone gets to know each other. No outside technology was allowed, which might sound scary, but it was truly a great experience!
Everyday throughout the semester we used unique carbon-copy learning logs to take down our notes, thoughts, ideas, and discussions that took place in and out of the classroom. The logs were designed by Dr. Trogden herself, and we literally never went a day without using them.
The first day began with games at Tattnall Square Park with classmates and children from the community.
We focused our class on education, money, and diverse perceptions of human nature. Throughout this course we watched movies, read books and even had a personalized integrative reader to delve deep into every topic we came across.
We used many different forms of technology. During class we would have an online chat while watching
The Incredibles
, turned in our papers online, Skyped our professor's brother about his job and lifestyle, and were given the option to Skype with Dr. Trogden herself if problems had arisen.
Lets see how many tries it takes for college students to get this just right?
The Writing Logs
Class Topics
Part of our class's specific INT requirement is that we are required, as a part of our grade, to devote a weekend to service learning. We not only bonded with classmates thought this experience, but with other classes and the community.
Alternative Weekend
In the Classroom
For the first three weeks of class, we kept name tags so we could get to know our peers.
One place that we visited was actually our professor's house. We had dinner with Dr. Trogden to get to know her and other classmates at a more intimate level.
Our seating is arranged in a circle so we can all face each other when discussing. Also, we weren't allowed to sit next to the same people on a regular basis to enforce diversity.
We actually used a local cemetery as a text, taking in all of the rich history and architecture. We also got the chance to explore Macon a bit more as we walked through the streets, using them as a text as well.
Learning didn't always take place in the classroom, sometimes it was moved outside, to the library or to Cruz Plaza.
This isn't your conventional class. We'll elaborate on this later in the presentation, but let's just say we weren't always sitting and talking to each other in a classroom on campus!
Dr. Trogden would bring the class birthday treats once a month. This really showed how personalized and close the class was, as well as always-needed sugar!
Learning Outside Of the Classroom
Learning didn't always take place in the usual class setting. Don't know what we mean? Well, lets take a look!
Our classmate Lauren getting helped by a friend from the community!
This definition is a bit complex, so let us,the students, take you through our own experience!
Oh did we mention we only had one guy in our class?
One more time!
We then had guests come and speak to us about the Macon poverty and their encounters with it, as well as how we could make a difference.
After that, we did a poverty simulation with other INT classes and professors to discover what it is like to be in poverty.

The next day we visited a nursing home where we interacted with the residents and volunteered at a local high school!
Through the many unconventional field trips, discussions, and texts we students learn how to broaden our minds on a variety of topics we would have never learned in any other classroom on our own campus, not even just other universities! Also throughout the course we classmates interact regularly forming important bonds inside and outside of the classroom.
Dr.Trogden informed us at the beginning of the semester that because our pre-frontal cortex was not fully developed, neither was our cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning. Over the semester we became at least a little more high functioning in these areas.

Lets hear what some current students had to say about the class!
Mahrie Bowman: "INT really opened my mind to new ideas and gave me the opportunity to become a better writer."
Jim Beatty: "INT made me realize how important
it is to look at all viewpoints of an argument in
order to make the most informed decision."
Courtney Kelling: "I have learned to see from other
peoples' perspectives even if I don't necessarily agree
with them."
During our time in INT we were made to learn much more about ourselves. Our views were challenged on a daily basis through class discussion, and the reading of various texts. As we were being challenged we were able to see deeper into ourselves and our thought processes. Some of our opinions changed, and others were made more concrete. INT provokes deep thought about the self, and is sure to raise many questions.

Over this course we learned how money and education work hand in hand in developing the self. They go in a continuous circle that can ultimately determine your position within the economy, and your level of self-actualization. While discussing these topics we were able to see the connections they had to each other in our own lives.
Questions for the Self Posed in INT
Who are we?
Why are we?
Where are we going?
Who or what controls us?

Name Tags
Class Locations
Field Trips
We got the best campsite! Right in front of the lake
INT defined by us students:
Everyone was tired from a long day of games.
The Pre-Frontal Cortex!
After taking INT this semester, we found the course to take on a whole new meaning different from Mercer's definition.
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