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Prayer - Book Report

No description

Hartmut Scherer

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of Prayer - Book Report

Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God
Part 1: Desiring Prayer
Part 2: Understanding Prayer
by Timothy Keller
Part 3: What is Prayer?
Part 4: Conversing with God
Part 5: Encountering God
community-centered --- kingdom-centered
This book will show that prayer is both conversation and encounter with God
Prayer is “Finding Our Way through Duty to Delight.”
Ch. 1: The Necessity of Prayer
Prayer leads to a self-knowledge that is impossible to achieve any other way
no choice between truth
Spirit, between doctrine
an encounter with God involves
affections of the heart
convictions of the mind
Four practical changes:
1) summarized all Psalms
2) time of meditation between reading and prayer
3) praying in the morning and evening
4) praying with greater expectation
Prayer is the main way we experience deep change - the reordering of our loves
Ch. 2: The Greatness of Prayer
- no prayer request for changed circumstances (Paul)
What is the most important thing God can give?
-> to know him better
Ch. 3: What is prayer?
Prayer is continuing a conversation that God has started through his Word and his grace, which eventually becomes a full encounter with him.
The power of our prayers, then, lies not primarily in our effort and striving, or in any technique, but rather in our knowledge of God.
enlightened eyes of the heart (Eph. 1:18)
understanding God's holiness
finding God's holiness beautiful
- getting things from God OR getting more of him
Ch. 4: Conversing with God
- praying becomes meeting with God
- words not only say things, they accomplish things
- the movement of Christian prayer in the Bible is not
so much inward but upward
- prayer is a response to God himself (not based on
producing certain results)
Prayer is not that we learn to express ourselves, but that we learn to answer God
- not to know about God, but to know God
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