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Shiva and Krishna

No description

Fiona Brunning

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Shiva and Krishna

Shiva and Krishna
drum in hand represent rythem to which Natarja dances and recreates the universe
flames represent the destructive energy with which he dances with at the end of each cosmic age, clensing sin and removing illusion
right hand blesses devotees
left hand grants eternal bliss to those who approch him
Indus yogic god controlling sexuality
Verdic god of rains and storms
healing god of herbs
deity of animals
In the Mahabharata, he is worshiped as not only the creator of the universe, but also as the primeval father
Shiva Nataraja
(Lord of the Dance)
dances in a circle, representing the universe and continual creation and destruction
Skull: laughing at people who consider themselves eternal
Cresent Moon: keeps Kama alive, the waxing and waining creates different seasons
the Ganges river flowing in his hair orignially flowed in heaven
snakes coiled around upper amrs and neck represent control over deadliest of animals
eighth avatar of Vishnu
slayed the demon Kansa.
took part in the mytholgocal Mahabharata War
he has a duel personality
destroyed snake demon Kaliya
tells Arjuna that though his body may die, his soul is indistruciible
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