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Morgan Janssen

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of 1995

Morgan's Literacy Timeline
The Kissing Hand, The Rainbow Fish, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
When I was young my parents read to me every night before bed. It didn't take me long to think of books that were important to me when I was young because the only books I can think really stuck out to me were, The Kissing Hand, The Rainbow Fish, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. These were the ones that I enjoyed the most so they were the one that stuck out the most. My mom ALWAYS read me The Kissing Hand and she still has the book to this day because it was one of my very favorites. I also enjoyed The Rainbow Fish when I was young because of how pretty I thought the fish was.
The Magic Tree House
When I started getting old enough to read my own books, I really clicked with The Magic Tree House. I've always been very interested in history and the Magic Tree House in some cases was a very fun way to get to be within that time period. These books always took you back in time and allowed the readers to feel like they were there on the adventure. I loved the Titanic one, the Civil War book, and the Knight at Dawn. I think I read those over and over again.
The Boxcar Children
The Boxcar Children was probably the most significant book while I was growing up. Whenever we went to the library we were told to check out a new book but, I never wanted to check out a new one I just wanted The Boxcar Children. ONLY the original, I didn't care for any of the books that came after that I was perfectly happy re-reading the same book even though I knew what was going to happen. It was this old red leather book that smelt terrible but I didn't care, I loved the book and was sad whenever someone else wanted to check it out.
The Clique Series and Harry Potter
Once I hit Middle School was when I was introduced to the more "dramatic" novels. These changed my reading life. Once I started reading The Clique Series, I couldn't stop. I waited so long for the next one to come out, I was obsessed with them and still have all of them to this day. Honestly I would probably read them again if I had the time. The characters were so realistic and I thought that I was inside the book as I read. Same goes for Harry Potter, I thought that I was going to be a student at Hogwarts and just waited for my letter. Although it never came, I still proudly wore my baby blanket as a cloak and paraded around the house casting spells. The books were so much more interesting and everyone in school was reading them. You kind of had to be reading them or know of them at this point in time
The Twilight Series was the first book series that really was a story of romance. It opened me up to all different sorts of books that I've read. Obviously I read the entire series, but I also read books about vampires and more love based stories as well. It's sad to admit but I even read the Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter book as well. I loved it because it dealt with history and vampires which were two of my favorite things at the time. I also really got into Nicholas Sparks novels in this time and that still has yet to end.
Hunger Games Series
The Hunger Games series was my favorite book series that I've read. I just love the whole idea behind this world and how it came about. The corruptness of the Capital and how the nation of Panem finally gets the courage to stand up to them all because of one girl. I wanted to
be Katniss after reading these books. Same
goes for the Divergent series. As you read
about Tris and what she is battling, as a
reader, you just want to jump in and help.
I also continued reading other novels but during this time period I feel like these were the books that stood out to me the most.
James Patterson Books
Fifty Shades of Grey Series
During high school we got to reading some very dark books, my favorite being In Cold Blood. My grandma actually turned me towards James Patterson because she knows that I like books that are mysterious, intense, and scary. I fell in love with him as an author and probably carried around a new book by him every week. My friends all that the books I chose were strange but I love the feeling of being scared and experiencing the suspense as I read on.
Today I enjoy the same types of books as a few years ago but I also enjoy some more mature books. I still love my James Patterson, really any book that could be linked to some historical moment, and I love a good love story. However the 50 Shades series probably speaks out the most because I am still in
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