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EC Orientation

No description

Amy Riske

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of EC Orientation

Make-Up Classes
A maximum of two make-up classes will be allowed per student per semester
Please do not attend a make-up class without first contacting Ms. Riske
Make-up classes must be scheduled with Amy Riske at least 24 hours in advance
All make-up classes must be completed by the end of each semester
What if I need to bring another child to class with me?
Please contact Student Services or Amy Riske if you plan to bring a sibling to class each week
If you're planning a one-time visit, please get approval from your teacher in advance
Please respect your teacher's wishes- if the child is disruptive to the class he/she may be asked to leave the singing circle
Visiting relatives and out of town guests are most welcome!
Stay Informed!
Classroom Expectations
What if I miss a class?
Please keep your stuent home if s/he is sick
Let us know about pre-planned absences
We have a make-up policy!
Department Overview
Music Explorers Classes
Welcome to Early Childhood Classes
at Merit School of Music!

Make sure we have your most up-to-date e-mail address
Shake, Rattle & Roll-
0 to 18 months
Movers & Shakers-
18 months to 3 years
Music Masters I-
3 to 5 years
Do-Re-Mi-Family Class
Mixed Ages/ Sibling Classes
Ages 0-5 years
Please respect the teachers' wishes
Parents/ Caregivers will participate in activities
Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class
No food or drink allowed
Please leave toys outside of the classroom
Please use the washrooms for diaper changes
Shoes are removed and stored in cubbies
Please redirect behavior outside of the classroom
Amy Riske:
Music Masters II
Full-year class (30 weeks) beginning only in the fall
Parent/Caregiver participation is required but varies
Only 1 year of participation
Graduates gain early entry into Merit's Instrumental Music Program
Read Merit's Weekly Newsletter
E-mailed home each week
Available at http://meritmusic.org/classes-and-lessons/weekly-newsletter
Use Merit's Calendar (www.meritmusic.org)
Join us on Facebook and Twitter!
Continuing Your Child's Education
Learning is a lifelong process!
Each semester teachers personally recommend the next step for you and your child.
Register for classes as early as possible!
Remember your Early Childhood classes are just the beginning of a life filled with music at Merit!
(5-7 Years)
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