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Octopus, Octopuses, Octopi, Octopodes, whatever

My show and tell on octopuses

Andrew Kranker

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Octopus, Octopuses, Octopi, Octopodes, whatever

Octopus, Octopuses, Octopi, Octopodes, whatever! Finding Nemo The Little Mermaid ??????????????? Monsters Inc. Basic Facts 8 Legs (octo = 8)
(pod = leg) Invertabrates Class = Cephalopod SMART! Bilateral symetry Intelligence possibly smartest of all invertabrates good problem solvers likely that they learn most behaviors from birth, and not from instinct (Common octopus) blue ringed octopus
golfball sized = most deadly to humans
Size couple of inches to 20+ foot arm span North Pacific Giant Octopus known to attack and eat sharks Defense Best = HIDE! O
S Secondary defense 2. Ink (melanin) 3. Autonomy = loosing a leg Last resort Attack! Camouflage 1. Escape quickly Chromatophores = specialized skin cells Blue ringed octopus when... Unprovoked Provoked Pets? hard to contain survive on land for
lengths of time They will get out! Smart problem solvers
Hunting: a portion
inspired by Ethan Higgins "They are addicted to the color white, like a bull is to red."

Jack Whitten "stab or bite the nerve between the eyes; don’t lose your cool in the cloud of squid ink; and beat your catch at least 100 times against a rock to tenderize the flesh." “I remember once finding two octopuses locked in mortal combat. They were literally eating each other. I caught and ate them both.” Octopus Harmful Animal The End 5 ! Octopuses
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