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Past, Present, and Future Verbs

First Grade

Jesseka Cummings

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Past, Present, and Future Verbs

Past, Present, Future Verbs Present These verbs tell us what action is happening now Past These verbs tell what actions have already happened Future These verbs tell what we are going to do later Verbs end in the letter "s" if they tell an action that one person, place, or thing is doing Jack eats pie. But if we are talking about ourselves or more than one person, place, or thing, we do not add an "S" Suzy sits at her desk. I sing in the choir. The boys walk to the playground. Verbs let us know what action is happening jumped hop will skip How to Write Verbs Correctly To write a verb in the future tense we add the word "will" in front of the verb. Tomorrow I will play tag. Next week, Tommy will skate with his friends. will dance laugh tickled play march Verbs are something you can DO!! You can talk about things that you have already done, are doing now, or are going to do. These are called tenses and there are 3 of them. Past Present Future You have probably already used present tense verbs without even knowing it The words we acted out in the book were present tense verbs Can you remember any of them or give me an example of another present tense verb? Past tense verbs end in "-ed" jumped marched skipped played danced Yesterday, I danced with my friend. Last week, I skipped down the street. What did you do yesterday? What are you going to do after school? Tenses tell you when the action happened
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