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John Paul Jones

No description

damani jones

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of John Paul Jones

joining the battle
The demand for ship captains during the war was high, if it wasn't for Richard Henry Lee who knew of his abilities, Jones' potential would have likely gone unrecognized. Jones was appointed as 1st Lieutenant
Thank you!
EARLY life
Born July 6, 1747 in Scotland
He became captain when both the captain and a ranking mate suddenly died of yellow fever
Damani Jones
p. 1
John Paul Jones
to hide from law enforcement he added "jones" to his name
his life of crime (career)
Below is a copy of John Paul Jones' signature
Paul was arrested for his involvement in a crew members death although the mans death was linked to other things
John killed a member of his crew, a mutineer named Blackton
In May 1790, Jones arrived in Paris, where he remained in retirement for the rest of his life cut short, although he made a number of attempts to re-enter the service in the Russian navy.
He was found dead (aged 45) lying face-down on his bed in his third-floor Paris apartment.
later in life
cause of death:
interstitial nephritis
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