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Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

Courtney McCabe

on 17 May 2018

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Transcript of Things Fall Apart

"Things Fall Apart"
By: Chinua Achebe Conflicting Characters Embodies
Strength Nwoye Okonkwo Maintains
Dictatorship Rejects
Society Displays
Unfulfillment Embodies
Weakness Maintains
Expectations Okonkwo Nwoye In the book "Things Fall Apart" Okonkwo and his eldest son, Nwoye, are not similar. Nwoye serves as a contrast to Okonkwo. Okonkwo's greatest fear is that Nwoye will turn out to be just like his grandfather, Unoka, a lazy man in debt with no title or property. Okonkwo has strived all his life to be unlike his father in every possible way, and Nwoye has turned out to be just like him. Besides his own father, Nwoye is Okonkwo's greatest disappointment. However, Nwoye wants nothing more than to be unlike Okonkwo. By: Courtney McCabe 3rd Hour 2-24-13 By: Courtney McCabe Hour 3 Okonkwo uses his patriarchal society to an advantage by maintaining control over his family. He treats his family with very little respect. Okonkwo uses his leadership to demand from his three wives and many children. The control Okonkwo displays over his family is in hopes that his sons will turn out to be like him in the future. This is his wish because Okonkwo believes that he has become a very successful man. Okonkwo beats his wives and children when he feels he has been disrespected by them. The actions displayed by Okonkwo in the book portray his strength. The reason Okonkwo acts harsh and cruel is because he has an ideal mindset that he will become like his worthless father. When the Christian Missionaries arrive to convert the African tribes to the new religion, Nwoye becomes interested in the morals of the white people. As a result to the tribes conversion to Catholicism, the society undergoes major changes. However, these changes are resisted by Okonkwo. The society in which Okonkwo lives is the only one he has ever known. Therefore, Okonkwo wants nothing less for his children. The practices Okonkwo lives by will never be diminished by him. However, Nwoye is a very difficult child and is often harassed by his father for his failures. Okonkwo's expectations push Nwoye to reject Okonkwo and the only beliefs Nwoye has ever known. Nwoye had never fit in with the other men and boys of the tribe. The joy Nwoye felt came from the women in his life. He was aware he would never be able to receive a title. The lifestyle of the tribe was not one he wished to continue. Nwoye knew he would never turn out to be like a regular man of the tribe, so when the chance presented itself Nwoye converted to Christianity. This conversion gave him hope in the love of God. Nwoye, on the other hand, is not interested in the cruel society in which he is a part of. However, Okonkwo is unimpressed by Nwoye's acting like a woman. Nwoye breaks down after the death of Ikemefuna as he had grown strongly attached to the boy. The emotion Nwoye displays outrages his father.
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