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Teaching the 10 Principles

How a Burn Educated Itself

Sarah Griffith

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Teaching the 10 Principles

Radical Education
Why Symbols?
Alchemy 2011
Alchemy 2012

The 10 Principles Project Virgin Burn:
Euphoria 2011
Greeters became 10 Principle cheerleaders, telling everyone how awesome their Principle was. Suggestions were given for fun, or ridiculous, ways to incorporate it. Crowd-sourcing was encouraged!
Questions I asked:
1) What problem are we trying to solve?
2) How can we engage Participants?
3) How can we encourage them to take ownership in their own solution?
4) How can it be truly collaborative, allowing room for growth?

The best solution will always be Participant-driven. It's the nature of the burn.
Teaching the 10 Principles
The Temple, which included with Temple Guides.
How a Burn Educated Itself
1) We made it a game!
2) At Greeters, we asked, "Do you know the 10 Principles?" Those that did got the Euphoria symbol, drawn in sharpie.
3) We assigned everyone else one Principle.
4) Each Principle had a corresponding symbol, which was drawn in sharpie.
5) We told them that Principle was theirs for the weekend. We encouraged them to teach it, play with it, and find ways to incorporate it into their burn.

6) I began preparing the Greeters volunteers as early as possible, with training and brainstorming online pre-burn.

Know Your Region!

I knew our region was growing rapidly and that we had lots of young, new burners.
Alchemy grew at a rate of 65%
per year, until we capped in 2012.
We had lots of enthusiastic new burners, but we also had a major education problem.
What's next? You!
Year Tickets Sold
2007 374
2008 656
2009 992
2010 1727
2011 2791
2012 (capped) 3499
2013 (capped) 2501
Radical Inclusion
Radical Self-Reliance
Radical Self-Expression
Communal Effort
Civic Responsibility
Leave No Trace

Pictures are better remembered because they are encoded with two specific codes (pictorial and verbal) while words elicit just a single code (verbal). The extra code associated with pictures give them an advantage during retrieval.
So...What did we do?!
We saw an uptick in volunteerism for several teams, as participants came reporting they felt the best way to live their Principle was to volunteer for a particular team.
Many people were telling stories about how they used their Principle, talking about the Principles and thinking about them in new ways.
Virgins were excited about the 10 Principles, and telling other burners about them. It was amazing!
Euphoria 2012
I made a point encouraging other's ideas and plans and helping in any way I could. I wanted this to grow into something I couldn't have ever imagined! THAT is collaboration!
It was evident at the burn. The project was taking hold. People were excited about it and preparing for it. We used stamps instead of sharpies...
and the first tattoo happened!
Someone told me the Principles Project was her favorite art project at the burn. I didn't even know it was an art project!
Greeters decided to bring the game
inside the burn, using lanyards.
When the Survival Guide was released, we were thrilled to see that, for the first time, it included our Symbols.
And so did the Temple! Seeing it spread to other teams, seeing them inspired, was probably the most exciting part.
The Entrance Sign
There was more 10 Principles-related art than we've ever had
before, including two community-funded projects:
The Totem
of Principles
which debuted at
Transformus before
touring other
Southeast Burns.
The Ten Shrines
In acknowledgment of the teams new focus, Greeters was renamed Principle Education Team.
The symbols have become so strongly associated with the Georgia burns, it's become difficult to chronicle their reach. You can see them, and the 10 Principles, all over our burns!
Need help? Email me at sarah@alchemyburn.com.
Alchemy 2013
Team Lead Hoodie, complete with all 10 symbols!
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