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ENGL 1215 Long Reports ONLINE

No description

Diana Schirmer

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of ENGL 1215 Long Reports ONLINE

Writing Long Reports and Proposals
Tell readers what should be done in light of your research
are things working? what should we change?
Specific courses of action
What now?
Objective presentation

Background/Problem: With the rise in global warming and increasing pollution levels, it is becoming essential to find a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine petrol powered car.

Purpose: The aim of this project was to create two designs for a fuel cell powered car, the main criteria being environmental friendliness in terms of both emissions and materials.

Scope: This report presents the designs for two such cars, each of which includes the following components: engine, fuel, wheels, accessories, safety features and materials. Car A is aimed at the upper end of the market, while Car B is a mid-range vehicle suitable for family use.

A description of the design and an analysis of operational efficiency for each car are followed by a comparison of the two designs. Finally, the most cost efficient design is recommended.


Consists of several subheaded parts:
Purpose Statement
See pages 397
Part 2: Report / Proposal Text

Who hasn’t seen a table of contents?
What are they good for?

Lists the major headings, subheadings and pages
Wait to write this last

Include a list of illustrations with page numbers

See Sample...

Table of Contents
Can be located:
on the title page
separate page before the report
First page of the report
See sample

3-4 paragraphs / one page
Like a business letter
Highlights the main points, scope and recommendations/plan

Letter of Transmittal

Full title of your report
Make your title nice and clear
Person you prepared the report for
Names of report writers
Name of firm
Date submitted

Title Page

Front Matter
Middle Matter (4+ pages)
Back Matter

Parts of a Long Report/Proposal
Any info that would bog the reader down in text

Glossary—list of defined terms
References Cited section—citations of any materials used in your report (APA for business)
Appendix—additional figures, charts, sample questionnaires, correspondence, budgets, cost estimates, etc.

Part 3: Back Matter

Summarize main points of research
Analyze your findings
make projections and predictions
Scope / Limitations
What will the reader find in your report? What won’t be found?

Everything that comes before the actual report

To summarize your report and help readers locate specific information:
Title Page
Letter of Transmittal
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Abstract (not Executive Summary)

Part 1: Front Matter

Learn the parts of long reports/proposals
Start on our final writing assignment
See sample...
See the sample...
summary of reports
one sentence for every main section

the purpose / context of the report
the major findings
the conclusions
the main recommendations

goal: summarize/condense info in 100-200 words

Abstracts (for reports)

Executive Summaries (for Proposals)
the reasons why
the reader should accept your proposal
Most commonly 1 page
Para 1: State problem/Need proposal addresses
EX: You have identified a $5 million shortfall in revenue due to lost inventory"
Para 2: Expected Outcome
EX: When problem A is solved, you will have 50% less downtime

10-15% of your report (but no more)
Tells readers why the report was written
Provides enough information, background to let readers understand what’s to come
Don’t include findings or recommendations yet
Longest part of your report (70%)
Reports your findings
Your research
Subheadings within these to note major issues, points
Summary of a Long Report:

Cover Page
Letter or Memo of Transmittal
Table of Contents
List of Figures
Report (Purpose, Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations)
Works Cited References
Intro the issue and its trajectory up until now
Discuss the issue/event/problem that lead to the report
Purpose Statement
State the goal of your research
What do you want to prove?
Procedures can be mentioned here
See the subtle differences
Para 3: Solution Overview
Describe your plan and how it works
EX: We are proposing A because it solves the problem of....

Para 4: Evidence/Qualifications
Explain why your company should be the one to execute proposal

Para 5: Call to Action

No more than 10% of total proposal
No costs unless requested in Ex. Sum.
Written out and summarized in visuals
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