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Meghan Trainor

No description

Emma Learn

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Meghan Trainor

by Emma Learn
All About Meghan Trainor
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is a 20 year old singer song writer. She has written many songs such as All about that bass, Dear future husband,and who I want to be.
Dear Future Husband is one of my favorites of her songs. Its about her telling her husband what she likes in a guy and how to stay with her forever. Its a very catchy preppy fun song that you will love!
One of my favorites
Meghan Trainor
Why I chose Meghan Trainor

I chose Meghan because she composes amazing songs with good meanings.
One of these songs is All About That Bass
Meghan wrote many songs such as........
All About That Bass,
Dear Future Husband,
Who I Wanna Be,
Take Care of Our Soldiers,
Close Your Eyes,
And Leave a Kiss
As a child she lived in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Her birthday is December 22, 1993. She started writing songs at age 11. Her parents bought Meghan her own laptop so she could compose songs. At age 17 she won the 2011 Tennessee song contest with her own song "your good to me." Soon after her 18th birthday she got a record label with big yellow dog music.
Other things she does
Meghan also does cover of already made songs like "when I was your man" by Bruno Mars!
Hope you liked it!!!!!!!!!!!
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