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Egyptian Calander

No description

Madison Hoff

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Calander

Egyptian Calender Days, Weeks, and Months. Who uses/used it. History of the formation. How to read it and how it was used. Interesting Facts. When it would be if we were still using it. Bibliography 12 months in a year.
30 days in a month.
360 days in a year. Egyptians 3 seasons
Akhet "Inundation"
Proyet "Emergence"
Shomu "Low Water" In 238 B.C. the Egyptians added 5 day month to the end of each year to make a more accurate with the solar year, and every 4 years there would be an extra day added to the month. Which were days used to celebrate the birthdays gods. The four months in each of the seasons went with the rise and fall of the waters of the Nile River. Year: 6252 "Year ______ of Pharaoh ______; month ______ of season ______; day ______." http://www.kingtutshop.com/freeinfo/Ancient-Egyptian-Calendar.htm http://www.planetpace.com/planet/?egyptian-calendar,19 http://whatafy.com/the-ancient-egyptian-calendar.html Holidays Egyptians had a form of calendar based upon the phases of the moon. There were four calendars
- Seasonal calendar
- Lunar calendar
- Solar "sun" calendar
- Stellar "star" calendar http://www.barrygray.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Egypt/ECal.html March 20 The Spring harvest festival honoring Isis
April 1 Day of Hathor
June 24 Burning of the Lamps in Egypt at Sais, a celebration of Isis and Neith
July 27 1st Epagomenal Day♦ Birthday of Osiris
July 28 2nd Epagomenal Day♦ Birthday of Horus
July 29 3rd Epagomenal Day♦ Birthday of Set
July 30 4th Epagomenal Day♦ Birthday of Isis
July 31 5th Epagomenal Day♦ Birthday of Nephthys
August 6 Festival of Thoth
August 7 Breaking of the Nile, dedicated to Hathor
August 12 The Blessing of the Boats
September 13-14 Ceremony of Lighting the Fire, honoring Nephthys and the spirits of the dead
October 26 Full Moon festival of Hathor
December 8 Festival of Neith
December 21 Osiris' return to Isis in Egypt
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