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Geography: Cabbagetown and Regent Park presentation

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cynthia pham

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Geography: Cabbagetown and Regent Park presentation

Cabbagetown Old Regent Park Green space Comparison Community Spaces New Regent Park Housing Comparison Regent Park and Cabbage Town New Regent Park is a one billion dollar project made to restore Old Regent Park. This new neighbourhood is going to experiment mixed income housing. People from Old Regent Park will get a new town house or condo in New Regent Park for the same affordable price. By Isabel, Cynthia, Tequisha, and Aisha Although today it looks like a very rich and pleasant place, Cabbagetown used to be one of the poorest in Toronto that was used for public housing. Cabbagetown got its name from the number of poor Irish immigrants, who were fleeing their country due to the Potato Famine. They grew cabbages in their front yards.
Today Cabbagetown, a neighborhood bounded by Welleslley Street and Gerrard Street with many preserved Victorian houses, is one of the nicest communities in Toronto. It is a family friendly area with parks, schools, local buisnesses, and other community spaces. In the beginning, the government expected Regent Park to be a safe and welcoming community for immigrants. People were happy to have their own home at a price that they could afford.
Unlike what the government expected the area to be, Regent Park became a crime filled area that looks sketchy. Cabbagetown Old Regent Park - Victorian style
- Preserved
- Nicely painted - Old
- Worn out
- Vandalized Cabbagetown - Large parks
- Nice gardens
- Many trees Old Regent Park - Small vegetable gardens
- Dirt
- Unmaintained grass with weeds
- Few trees Cabbagetown - Schools
- Parks
- Riverdale farm
- Church
- Cemetery
- Kiwanis center Old Regent Park - Social services Advantages - New community centres and
olympic sized pool
- New condos and townhouses that are affordable
- Near by grocery stores, banks, fitness centre and parks Disadvantages - Costs the city a lot of money
- Might not work
- People who make a high income might not want to live there Our Opinion On New Regent Park Our opinion is that New Regent Park will work because we think that the friendly high income people will give advice to the people with a low income. Another reason is that people with a low income will see the people with good jobs and will want to be successful like them. We also think the violence in Regent Park will go away because the area is more open
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