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The Climb

No description

Mena Elraghy

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of The Climb

This song defines generation "Z" because... The issues that matter most to generation "Z" are... The Values of Generation "Z" are... Gender Roles Social Norms It's about the
around the corner
and that it's not easy
you have to keep on trying
and climb and it tells us about
how every thing
is difficult.just don't give up hope WHY ? Because, it's an inspirational
song about achieving
your goals but just keep
your faith! Karaoke THE CLIMB Miley cyrus Gender Roles That no matter you are
A girl or a boy, you still
Have to fight and climb
That mountain and look
For the right direction! lost with no direction 1 ) it's easy for everybody
to be lost and that
they don't know what
to do or what's the right way 2) My faith is shakin' sometimes your faith
is shaking that means like
you don't know what to do
you have to look for the
right way and solve all the
problems! because,you don't need the money or success! you just need your family and love each other Family and love are the most important things! The values are ... That everything is about the climb and that you have to choose the right way and don't let your faith shake! :) :P
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