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The Silent Statues

No description

Ayden Fritz

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of The Silent Statues

Who was the Emperor?
The emperor was one of the greatest ever to live in China. Before he was ever there, China was split up into seven states. Now, because of him, it's all one country. He started his rule when he was thirteen, his name was Zhao Zheng and was originally the king of the state Qin. After he began his rule, he changed his name to Qin Shi Huangdi, meaning "First Emperor of Qin." He also thought that he could become imortal through herbs, but died in the process of finding one. Many think it was because one of the herbs that he ate was poisonus, but no one is sure of it
What are they?
These are statues made up of a type of clay called terra-cotta, which is a really hard type of clay. They were supposed to keep the emperror at peace in they afterlife.
What do they look like?
They look almost identical to real people, and can mistaken for one from a distance. The only reason that they don't look real is the fact that they're clay, and that they were buried underground for an extremely long time. These statues were really detailed before, and we know because archeologists looked at 30 ears, and all were different.
Qin's Grave. R.I.P.
Qin's grave was a 22 square mile complex that took 700,000 men to build. the amount of soldiers there was about 2,000 warriors, acompanied by other people/creatures such as horses and dancers to keep the emperor entertained in th afterlife.
What was their purpose?
They were supposed to keep the emperor of china, who brought all current China together, at peace in the afterlife. They also kept the danger and harm away, because there were 2,000 of them. They were all around the 22-square mile complex that was built for him. After all, he was the emperor.
The Silent Statues...
Overall, this army is a spectacular work of art and is amazing to see how it was put there and why.
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