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Mallam Sile

No description

Nyla Melendez

on 17 March 2016

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Transcript of Mallam Sile

Mallam Sile
By: Nyla Melendez <3

Mood and Tone
Tone: Serious, Ironic and somewhat humorous.
Mood: Frustrating, Suspenseful.
Serious because the street folks are being affected by Siles closing.
Ironic is when he returns and he gets a glance at this women that later becomes his wife.
Humorous by how Abongo deals with his customers is kind of funny.
Frustrating because all these rumors are going around about Sile and why he closed shop, and now they don't have a tea shop near them.
Suspenseful because you never know what will happen next.
Individuals Responsibilities v. Social Injustice and Justice.
Human will vs. Good & Evil.
What Affects ones understanding of gender roles?
Internal and External Conflict
Throughout the story Sile's life is hectic. Not only does his has problems in the outside world, he has problems within himself too.
Mallam Sile
Street Folks
Mallam Sile has his life of its own. He's trying to live his life but something always seem to happen. Rumors are always being spread about him.
Like when he closed shop the street folks they were saying Sile left and traveled up north to go in look for the "Black Medicine" for his bad eye sight.
Lines: 217-219 , Page 98.
He never seems to get away from the chaos, he always seems to be the topic of discussion.
He tries to make decisions for himself but he
affects everyone else.
What some people fail to see is that everyone is capable of doing anything they put their minds to. Whether you're a male or female.
In the story of Mallam Sile, Abeeba was brave and fought Samdu. She went in looking for him because he owed her money. The on by lookers were telling her this. "Go back to your house, women. Don't fight him, he will disgrace you in public". Also another women said "What kind of woman thinks she can fight a man?". These are some examples how some people view womens role in society. They underestimate women's power. They fail to realize that anybody is capable of anything.
Lines 324-326, Page 101.
Internal conflicts he has within himself is his personal appearance and how he views himself. He's a very short guy and not the most attractive. He is still a virgin at age 46 and that can tell you a lot. Sile faces people making fun of him on a daily basis.
External Conflict Sile faces is the people, the street folks. The kids pouring hot tea on him and all the jokes they make about him. Sile tries to not let things get to him but he himself believes all the things and rumors they spread about him. He seems like he can ever just get away from it all.
Inshallah - Arabic for "God
Paraphernalia- (n.) necessary equipment or utensils.
The Setting is a tea shop in Zongo Street in western Africa. Downtown on a busy street. Sile has a small shop not the prettiest around but he loves what he has. In western Africa nothing really was very luxurious but they had to work with what they had.
Verbal, Dramatic and Situational
Verbal: Sile and Passersby were teasing each other about each others goals. Passersby would call out "How is the provision store coming?" and Sile replied with "How's the Mansion coming?". This conversation is very humorous.
Dramatic: When Sile closes shop rumors start stirring up about him. Street Folks got mad that they had to go to Abongo's tea shop. In this scene Abongo shows his personality. He doesn't let his customers socialize. Abongo will kick them out and say this, " If your mama and papa never teach you manners , I'll teach you some! I'll sew those careless lips of yours together, you bastard son of a bastard women".
Situational: Sile comes back after figuring out what to do and meets Abeeba. He has to face the Street Folks and real life again.
Lines 196-215, Page 98.
The word phrases used in this piece of the story let us readers know the people or other women's mind set. The tone is kind of worried and they are underestimating Abeeba.
After a while Mallam Sile changes and doesn't let anybody mess his dream up. With Abeeba by his side he will be okay.
Mallam Sile can represent the color
Dark blue
because Sile is very smart and he knows what he wants. Plus he got the strive to be successful and work for what he wants.
An other color that symbolizes the mood and the way things go down is
. This is because when he meets Abeeba he kind of feels confusion but later sees her beauty and becomes his wife.
When Mallam Sile leaves to figure out things and get away from everything and all the rumors he finds himself staring eye to eye with this women. He's confused to why she was there. Looking like she was in her late thirties Sile was stunned. Much taller then he was and kind of scary. Turns out that after a while Abeeba turns out to be his wife.
Lines 220-232 Pg. 98-99
Sile had a better and friendlier shop then Abongo. The street folks were getting aggravated about the fact that Sile was closing his shop. Now the only place they can get tea was at Abongo's three hundred metres away on Zerikyi Road. Abongo was a very strict and angry man, he didn't have the same passion and strive as Mallam did.
While rumors spreading about him traveling up north to get the "Black Medicine". He came back to his little shop and got a first glance of his future wife Abeeba. Even after all this Sile finally was peaceful with himself, knowing someone loved him for him.
Even though it wasn't much, Sile was grateful for what he had and he never gave up even when people talked and spread rumors about him.
Thanks for watching !!!!
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