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Witness the Fitness

No description

Jordan P

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Witness the Fitness

Witness the Fitness:
A business proposal for Tiger Bluffs Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Sowers
Presented by Amanda Jones, Jaclyn McLard, Jordan Pineda
In 5 years, an individual could see...
A new Presidential Term
The new Iphone 11
Man on Mars
What Witness the Fitness has to offer
A comfortable, non-intimidating environment
What we will talk about today
1. History of our company
2. Our business proposal to you
3. Staffing that we offer
4. Budget
You cannot put a price on good health,
so accept Witness the Fitness offer for you before January 1st and receive a first year 25% discount off an annual package purchase.
Monthly team meetings
Provide the Best Training
Attend Fitness seminars
Physical therapy
Health education and Nutrition
Facility Management
Message Therapy
Personal training
Goal is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve
Specific times for Seniors
Classes offered for Seniors
Seniors with disabilities
Background of Witness the Fitness
Fitness center is in a good location for Tiger Bluffs, retirement community
Our trainers are certified in senior fitness
We attend several conventions for senior health
Variety of fitness options at Witness the Fitness
Who are we?

Manager and Personal Trainer at Witness the Fitness
Undergraduate Degree in Sports and Exercise Science
Masters in Physical Education, University of Alabama

Amanda Jones
By how many years do you think that exercising regularly can increase your lifespan?
*5 years*
Studies show that just 150 minutes of brisk walking per week equates to an extra 5 years of life expectancy.
We are committed to helping everyone in our community experience a healthier way of life.
State of the art equipment
A clean club
Professional Staff
Results through relationships
Jordan Pineda
Membership Packages
Membership Packages
Co-founder of Witness the Fitness
PhD in Health science, University of Wisconsin
Specializing in Rehabilitation
Clinical Exercise Physiology
Our Team Includes
The Finest Professionals in
Jaclyn McLard
Questions to think about?
Witness the Fitness Customers from Truman Place
This is Ann. Ann is 75 and loves the water aerobic classes offered at Witness the Fitness. She said "I not only feel good but I have met many friends to share laughs with along the way."
This is Gary. Gary is 82 and loves using our light weight machines. Gary comes in 5 times a week right at 6 am. He said "He loves being able to work out without those meatheads around."
Founder of Witness the Fitness
PhD in Kinesology, University of Missouri-Columbia
Specializing in Exercise Physiology

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