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Wastewater Treatment Plant

No description

Michelle Barnes

on 19 November 2011

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Transcript of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fernley Water Reclaimation Facility Location Summary Headworks Disinfection Karola Kennedy and Michelle Barnes Biological Treatment Solids Handling Overview Expected population 29,420 with flow of 3.46 MGD Location Summary Current population is 16,220 with flow of 1.77 MGD Effluent discharges into Fernley Wildlife Refuge Current plant operates on pond system Drum Membrane Screen Headworks Coarse Bar Screen Aerated Grit Chamber Parshall Flume Archimedes Pumps Anoxic Zone Aerobic Zone Sludge Wet Well Membrane Bio Reactor Biological Treatment Solids Handling Headworks Conclusion Disinfection Biological Treatment Location Summary Aerobic Digester Belt Press Dewatering Solids Handling Landfill for Disposal Rotory Drum Thickener Step Aeration and Rip Rap Chlorine Dosing Ultraviolet Radiation Disinfection Questions?
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