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34. bgy

No description

Amber Dowdy

on 16 February 2011

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Transcript of 34. bgy

Circulatory System known as the body's transport system bc is moves blood and removes waste blood vessels: circulate blood, keep it flowing 3 major blood vessels arteries carry blood away from heart elastic, durable ~ withstand pressure from blood capillaries tiny blood vessels
imp. waste and
subsatnces exchanged thin walled, so things can pass in and out veins carry blood to heart walls are thicker than cap. but not as big as artery Larger veins have a flap of
tissue, VALVE, to keep
blood from flowing bckwrd heart muscular organ, size of fist located in center of chest made of cardiac muscle divided 4 chambers atrium (top) L& R
ventricle (bottom) L& R atrium recv blood coming to heart ventricle ~ going away beats about 70x per min What is a normal bp? Systolic = top
diastolic = bottom blood pressure: measure of
how much pressure is
excreted against the vessels walls
by blood bp= measure of how much pressure is exereted aganist the vessels walls by blood blood components PLASMA yellow, clear fluid, 50% of blood, carries broken down products of digeted food, transports vitamins, minerals and hormones RBC cary oxygen to all body cells, develop in marrow, have no nuclie, live for 120 days, mostly hemoglobin WBC recognizes disease causing
oraganisms & alerts body,
produces chemicals to fight
invaders, have nuceli, lie for
months/yrs 4 blood types:
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