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Nash Grier

No description

Waagosh Secord

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Nash Grier

Nash Grier
Nash has three siblings two brothers one sister. The oldest sibling is Will who was born April 3, 1995 in North Carolina . Will has a little fame as well as Nash & Hayes , Will signed with the Florida Gators in December of 2012. Hayes the the younger brother of Will & Nash . Hayes is fourteen years old and born June 8, 2000 . Nash's youngest sister Skylynn is 5 years old & was born on June 12 th, 2009 , Skylynn favourite colours are purple, rainbows ,and pink . Nashs parents are Chad Grier & Elizabeth Grier- Floyd
I chose Nash because he's funnier than most people to me & his favorite NHL team is the Chicago Black hawks which is my favorite team as well . Nash doesn't really care what people say about him
Early Life
Nash was a shy boy when he was younger but when he got into sports like football it helped him come out more but still he was a little shy but that all changed when he got a video making app called vine then started to gain a lot of hits in a short amount of time .
Nash grier's fame first came from vine with his 10.3M followers and most of his vines also ft. his friends but his best bud on vine is Cameron Dallas . Nash has made a vine account for his dog Maximus grier as well but maximus only has 6,855 followers I guess maximus can't compete with that.
nash & sky
Nash has lot's of friends but one of his closest friends is Cameron Dallas . Cameron is twenty years old & born September 8, 1994
Why I chose Nash
Carter is also Nash is friend but carter is a little younger than Cameron , Carter was born May 4, 1996 so he's 18 years old
Nash & Cameron
Nash has his own website were you can buy Nash Grier merchandise contact him by email
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